NO Svalbard class



Icebreakers Svalbard class

Icebreaker and offshore patrol vessel (OPV) is the largest ship in Norways military armed forces (by tonnage). Her primary operating area is in the Arctic waters north of Norway, the Barents Sea and around the Svalbard islands.


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6500full load (tn)
103length (m)
19beam (m)
6.50draught (m)
17max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel-electric
1Naval Gun single 57 mm


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    Typical Max
NO Norwegian Coast Guard Westland Lynx mk86 12
NO Royal Norwegian Air Force NHI NH90 NFH 12

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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NO Tangen Verft A/S - 1

List of Ships

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NONorwegian Coast GuardW303KV SvalbardLBSV2001--

1 units


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2000-aug-9Laid downNO W303 KV Svalbard
2001-feb-17LaunchedNO W303 KV Svalbard
2001-dec-15CommissionedNO W303 KV Svalbard
2017HomeportNO W303 KV Svalbard Sortland
2019-sep-16TrialsNO W303 KV Svalbard Undertook c 10 days of sea based SAR trials with Schiebel S-100, cooperating with R No AF Sea King.

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