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TRTurkish NavyF500TCG BozcaadaTBZA2001--
TRTurkish NavyF501TCG BodrumTBZB2002--
TRTurkish NavyF502TCG BandirmaTBZC2002--
TRTurkish NavyF503TCG BeykozTBZD2002--
TRTurkish NavyF504TCG BartinTBZE2002--
TRTurkish NavyF505TCG BafraTBZF2003--

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2001-jul-25CommissionedTR F500 TCG Bozcaada
2002-jul-25CommissionedTR F503 TCG Beykoz
2002-jul-25CommissionedTR F504 TCG Bartin
2002-jul-25CommissionedTR F502 TCG Bandirma
2002-jul-25CommissionedTR F501 TCG Bodrum
2003-jul-24CommissionedTR F505 TCG Bafra
2019-feb-1DeploymentTR F505 TCG Bafra Participated in Air Defence Exercise with NATO SNMG2 fleet in Eastern Mediterranean.

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