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  • AU Supply class (AU)

    ES Cantabria class
    Support Ship



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    18500full load (tn)
    173.90length (m)
    23beam (m)
    8draught (m)
    6000range (nm)
    20max speed (knots)


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    ES Bazan Ferrol - Ria de Ferrol1
    ES Navantia - 2.5nm SE of Cadiz1

    List of Ships

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    AURANA304HMAS StalwartVKCU----
    AURANA195HMAS SupplyVKCX2020--

    2 units


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    2016-mayOrderedAU A195 HMAS Supply One of two new Supply class replenishment ships.
    2016-mayOrderedAU A304 HMAS Stalwart Second of two new replenishment ships for RAN
    2017-nov-18Laid downAU A195 HMAS Supply
    2018-novLaid downAU A304 HMAS Stalwart
    2018-nov-24LaunchedAU A195 HMAS Supply at Ferrol
    2019-aug-30LaunchedAU A304 HMAS Stalwart at Navantia Ferrol
    2020-oct-2AU A195 HMAS Supply arrived at HMAS Stirling, Fleet Base West for final fit out and shakedown.
    2021-apr-10CommissionedAU A195 HMAS Supply at HMAS Kuttabul, Fleet Base East.
    2021-may-20AU A304 HMAS Stalwart departed Navantia Ferrol for Australia
    2021-jun-1DeploymentAU A195 HMAS Supply Departed Fleet Base East for maiden deployment

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