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  • UK Castle class patrol vessel



    Designed to replace the Island class patrol vessels, the Castle class were longer, had better sea keeping and could allow helicopters up to Sea King size to land on. There was no hangar.


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    1427full load (tn)
    75length (m)
    11.50beam (m)
    3.60draught (m)
    10000range (nm)
    18max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1006


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Hall Russell - Telford Dock2

    List of Ships

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    UKRoyal NavyP258HMS Leeds CastleGBRE19812005
    UKRoyal NavyP265HMS Dumbarton CastleGBRF19822008

    2 units


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    1979-oct-18Laid downUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle Yard No. 985
    1980-jun-25Laid downUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Yard No. 986
    1980-aug-20LaunchedUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle
    1981-jun-3LaunchedUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle
    1981-aug-27CommissionedUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle
    1982-mar-12CommissionedUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle
    1982-may-11DeploymentUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Used initially as stores transport between Ascension Is and parts of the Task Force as it made its way to the South Atlantic.
    1982-may-27DeploymentUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle Operation Corporate sent to South Georgia for temporary duty as Aviation Fuel Depot for helicopters involved in cross-decking stores.
    1982-jun-6DeploymentUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle Deployed for 3 week duty as Ascension Is guardship, until 29 Jun
    1982-jun-19DeploymentUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle entered Port William with stores, after ceasefire.
    1982-jun-23DeploymentUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle entered South Georgia with stores, after ceasefire
    1982-aug-13DeploymentUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle called at Gibraltar, en route to UK from South Georgia and Ascension Is, until 15 Aug.
    2001-janDeploymentUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle deployed as Falkland Island Patrol Vessel until Jun 2004
    2002-mayDeploymentUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Flagship for Mine Countermeasures Force (North) until May 2003.
    2003-junRefitUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Refit at Rosyth until Feb 2004, prior to South Atlantic deployment
    2005-aug-8DecommissionedUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle Planned sale to Pakistan failed.
    2006DeploymentUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Falkland Island Patrol Vessel during 2006
    2007-augDeploymentUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle relieved as Falkland Islands Guardship by HMS Clyde.
    2008DecommissionedUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Planned sale to Pakistan failed.
    2010-mayRefitUK P258 HMS Leeds Castle Towed from Portsmouth to A and P Tyneside, in preparation for sale to Bangladesh Navy as BNS Bijoy (F35).
    2010-mayRefitUK P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle Towed from Portsmouth to A and P Tyneside, in preparation for sale to Bangladesh Navy as BNS Dhaleshwari (F36).

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