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  • KR Aframax Tanker

    Oil Tanker


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    KR Koje Shipyard - Geoje Island1

    List of Ships

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    MHAdvantage TankersAdvantage ArrowV7KZ72009--
    MHAdvantage TankersAdvantage AvenueV7KZ82010--
    MHAdvantage TankersAdvantage AnthemV7KZ42011--
    MHAdvantage TankersAdvantage AtomV7KZ32011--
    MHAdvantage TankersAdvantage AwardV7KZ92011--

    5 units


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    2021-feb-16MH Advantage Anthem arrived and anchored off Cabo Frio, Brazil
    2023-janMH Advantage Arrow Advantage Arrow now Amax Arrow
    2023-janMH Advantage Avenue Advantage Avenue now Amax Avenue