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  • DE diesel - MTU

    Naval Engine

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    DE diesel - MTU 20V 4000 --
    DE diesel - MTU 16V 1163 --

    Used by

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    1966DK Frigate Peder Skram class2
    1978ES Corvette Descubierta class4
    1979DK Corvette Niels Juel class1
    1980ES Coast Guards Anaga class1
    1981KR Frigate Ulsan class2
    1982DE Frigate F 122 Bremen class2
    1982EC Corvette Esmeralda class4
    1982AR Coast Guards Mantilla class2
    1983CO Corvette Almirante Padilla class4
    1987TH Landing Ship/Platform Dock Normed class2
    1987TR Frigate Yavuz class2
    1989BR Corvette Inhaúma class2
    1990PT Frigate Vasco da Gama class2
    1991ES Corvette Serviola class2
    1991TH Frigate Chao Praya4
    1992GR Frigate Hydra class2
    1993IL Corvette Sa'ar 5-class2
    1994TH Guided-Missile Frigate Naresuan class2
    1994DE Frigate F 123 Brandenburg class2
    1996AU Frigate Anzac class2
    1997TH Aircraft Carrier V STOL Chakri Narubet class2
    1999MY Guided-Missile Frigate Lekiu class4
    2003KR Guided-Missile Destroyer Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin (KDX-II) class2
    2003DE Guided-Missile Destroyer F 124 Sachsen class2
    2005US Littoral combat ship Sea Fighter class2
    2008DE Corvette K 130 Braunschweig class2
    2013KR Frigate Incheon class2
    2015IN Coast Guards Samarth class2

    In Service

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    DK Royal Danish Navy
    MA Royal Moroccan Navy
    ES Spanish Navy
    EG Egyptian Navy
    BD Bangladesh Navy
    KR Republic of Korea Navy
    DE German Navy
    EC Ecuadorian Navy
    AR Argentine Coast Guard
    CO Colombian Navy
    TH Royal Thai Navy
    TR Turkish Navy
    BR Brazilian Navy
    PT Portuguese Navy
    GR Hellenic Navy
    IL Israeli Navy
    NZ Royal New Zealand Navy
    AU Royal Australian Navy
    MY Royal Malaysian Navy
    US United States Naval Aviation
    IN Indian Coast Guard

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