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  • RU Project 11351 Nerey class

    RU Krivak class


    NATO codename Krivak III.


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    UA Kamysh Burun - 1

    List of Ships

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    F130Hetman Sahaidachny19932022

    1 units


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    1990-oct-5Laid down F130 Hetman Sahaidachny as Russia Border Patrol ship Kirov.
    1992-mar-29Launched F130 Hetman Sahaidachny originally destined for the Russian Border Guard naval forces.
    1993-aprHomeport F130 Hetman Sahaidachny at Sevastopol.
    1993-apr-2Commissioned F130 Hetman Sahaidachny with side code U130.
    2014Homeport F130 Hetman Sahaidachny Odessa
    2022-mar-2Fate: sunk F130 Hetman Sahaidachny reported scuttled to prevent capture.

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