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  • FR Rhin class

    Support Ship


    Less of a tightly controlled class, more a collection of similarly specified support vessels with minor variations in almost every characteristic for slightly different roles.

    2320T standard in Garonne and Loire. SEMT-Pielstick 16PA2V Diesels in Rhin and Rhone, 12PA4 in Rance, Loire and Garonne. Only 1x 40mm gun in Garonne, none in Rance. Garonne had no flight deck, Loire, Rhin and Rance all had hangars, but Rance could carry 3x Alouette III.


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    2075light (tn)
    2445full load (tn)
    101.10length (m)
    13.10beam (m)
    3.70draught (m)
    13000range (nm)
    16.50max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
    3Naval Gun single 40 mm


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    FR French Navy SNIA Alouette III 13

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    FR DCNS - Lorient - 4

    List of Ships

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    FRFrench NavyA618BSS Rance--1997
    FRFrench NavyA621BSL RhinFBHV1964--
    FRFrench NavyA622BSM Rhone1964--
    FRFrench NavyA615BMS LoireFBLO - LO1967--

    4 units


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    1962-feb-23Laid downFR A622 BSM Rhone
    1962-dec-8LaunchedFR A622 BSM Rhone
    1964-mar-1CommissionedFR A621 BSL Rhin
    1964-aug-14Laid downFR A618 BSS Rance
    1964-dec-1CommissionedFR A622 BSM Rhone as submarine support ship.
    1965-may-5LaunchedFR A618 BSS Rance
    1965-jul-9Laid downFR A615 BMS Loire
    1966-feb-5CommissionedFR A618 BSS Rance
    1966-oct-1LaunchedFR A615 BMS Loire
    1967-oct-10CommissionedFR A615 BMS Loire The minesweeper support ship was fitted with a hangar.
    1976DeploymentFR A618 BSS Rance by 1976, primary assignment was as a Hospital ship (bâtiment de soutien santé, BSS).
    1981-marDeploymentFR A615 BMS Loire operating from Djibouti, with Jules Verne.
    1981-aug-27AircraftFR A615 BMS Loire operating with ALAT Alouette III 1272 / KBE, off Djibouti.
    1982-may-13Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Karachi, until 26 May.
    1984-mar-6Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Dakar, until 9 Apr.
    1984-aug-26Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Port Said.
    1984-aug-28Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Hurghada Naval Base, until 30 Aug.
    1985-mar-30RefitFR A615 BMS Loire improvements to underwater detection gear, at Lorient untl 29 Aug.
    1987-augDeploymentFR A621 BSL Rhin to Djibouti in support of the Clemenceau Carrier Group, until Sep.
    1987-oct-3DeploymentFR A615 BMS Loire frequently visited during assignment to Operation Prometheus, ensuring safe passage of French commercial shipping.
    1991-aug-8Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Palma, until 12 Aug.
    1997-feb-28DecommissionedFR A618 BSS Rance struck and became Q732 on 30 May 1997.
    1997-may-12DecommissionedFR A622 BSM Rhone
    1997-nov-7Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Cardiff, until 10 Nov.
    1997-nov-12Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Campbeltown, until 13 Nov.
    1998-apr-6RefitFR A615 BMS Loire major maintenance period at Lorient, until early Jul.
    1999-mar-19Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Istanbul, with Jeanne d Arc and Dugay-Trouin until 22 Mar.
    1999-jun-18Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Dublin with NATO minesweeping force, until 21 Jun.
    2003-dec-6Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Dublin, at Custom House Quay.
    2007FR A618 BSS Rance serving as a breakwater at Saint-Mandrier.
    2009-may-8Port VisitFR A615 BMS Loire visited Malta.
    2016-apr-11FR A618 BSS Rance hull moved to Toulon harbour.
    2019-mayFate: scrappedFR A618 BSS Rance towed from Toulon to Galloo Shipyard in Ghent for scrapping.
    2019-may-18Fate: scrappedFR A622 BSM Rhone arrived at Galloo shipyard in Ghent, after being towed from Lorient, for scrapping.
    2020-jul-4Fate: scrappedFR A615 BMS Loire arrived at Galoo yard, Ghent for scrapping.

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