Missile Launcher (GMLS)


    Derivatives / Succeeded by Filter:    
FRASW Malafon
ASW Otobreda / Matra Milas
FRCrotale SAM
ILGabriel Antiship missile
USMk 10 Terrier
USMk 12 Talos
FRMM38 Exocet single launcher
        france AM39 Exocet
        france MM38 Exocet twin launcher
        france MM40 Exocet
        france SM39 Exocet
ITOTOMAT Mk2 SSM launcher
NOPenguin SSM
USquad Sea Sparrow
USRIM-72C Sea Chaparral quad
USSea Sparrow VLS
FRSimbad twin launcher
        france Sadral six cell launcher
JPSSM-1 Type 90
USStinger surface to air missile (MANPADS)
1959 USMk 11 Tartar
        usa Mk 11 NTU
1961 UKSea Slug
1962 UKSea Cat
1965 USMk 25 8-cell Sea Sparrow
        italy 8-cell Albatros
        usa Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
1967 UKSea Dart
1975 USMk 13
        usa Mk 22
1976 USMk 26
1978 USMk 141 quad Harpoon
1979 UKSea Wolf
1986 USMk 41 VLS
1989 CNHQ-7 8-cell SAM
1992 USMk 49 21-cell RAM

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