List of Coast Guards classes (W)


Derivatives / Succeeded by
1960 IS Odinn class
1964 US Reliance MEC class
1983         usa Famous MEC class
1965 US Hamilton class
2008         usa National Security Cutter
2011         FF philippines Gregorio del Pilar
1968 IS Aegir class
1978 JP Soya class
1980 ES Anaga class
1981 NO Nordkapp class
1982 ES Halcon class
1982         argentina Mantilla class
1982         mexico Uribe class
1991         FS spain Serviola class
1983 IN Vikram class
1986 JP Mizuho class
1989 JP Nojima class
1991 JP Ojika class
1992 JP Shikishima class
1993 JP Kojima class
1996 CA Kingston class
1996 IN Samar class
2007 NO Nornen class
2010         norway Reine class
2009 NO Barentshav class
2012 US Sentinel class
2013 IT Dattilo class
2014 FI Turva class
2015 IN Samarth class
2015 CN Haijing class
2019 DE Potsdam class

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