List of Ultralight helicopters


ITCurti Aerospace Zefhir

1955 video NLNederlandse Helikopter Industrie H-3 kolibrie

1955 UKFairey Ultralight

1975 USRobinson R22

1975 USEnstrom 280

1984 FRDechaux Helicop-Jet

1990 USRotorway exec

1992 video ARCicaré ch-7 angel

1992 FRGuimbal Cabri G2

1992 video USRevolution Helicopter mini 500

2005 video ARSorhge HX

2007 FRBHR Fandango F360

2008 video ITAlpi Helicopter AH130 Syton

2011 FRHeli Air Design HAD1-T Helineo Mk1

2011 DEYoungcopter Neo

2011 BEDynali H3

2012 USCanadian Home Rotors Safari 400

2012 RUHeliWhale Afalina

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