1993 to present    

F235 HMS Monmouth

UK Royal Navy

IMO: 8949630
MMSI: 234617000
Flight Deck: MM
Call Sign: GCOC
Shipyard: Yarrow


History of UK HMS Monmouth F235

1989-jun-01Laid downLaid down Yard No 1041
1991-nov-23LaunchedLaunched also known as The Black Duke.
1994-janAircraftAircraft assigned 815 NAS Lynx HAS.3GMS ZD253 /415-MM as Monmouth Flt until c Apr 1994
1994-aprAircraftAircraft assigned 815 NAS Lynx HAS.3S ZD251 /415-MM as Monmouth Flt until c Mar 1996
1995-feb-11DeploymentDeployment departed HMNB Devonport for a planned, 10 month, round the world deployment. Damaged by a severe mid Atlantic storm and repaired at Newport News, Va.
1995-jun-09DeploymentDeployment Queens Wharf Planned visit to Wellington, NZ for 4 days. First visit by a British warship since NZ Government declared New Zealand a nuclear-free zone. To be in company with RFA Brambleleaf but Monmouth was damaged in Feb 1995 during her Atlantic crossing and needed repairs in Newport News, Va. This NZ visit may well have been cancelled.
1995-julPort VisitPort Visit visited Brisbane for VJ Day celebrations.
1996-octAircraftAircraft assigned 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 XZ728 /415-MM as Monmouth Flt
1997-feb-25AircraftAircraft Eddystone Accident Lynx XZ728/415-MM rolled over the side of the ship when a lashing broke, while exercising near the Eddystone Light, c 15nm S of Plymouth. Airframe subsequently salvaged.
1997-julPort VisitPort Visit NZ Wellington, Queen's Wharf Queens Wharf to Wellington NZ for visit
1998-feb-13DeploymentDeployment SL Freetown Port Operation Resilient Ordered to Freetown from Guinea, to provide humanitarian assistance following overthrow of military government. Relieved on station by HMS Cornwall on 23 Feb.
2001-may-17Port VisitPort Visit Alexandra Docks Casnewydd commenced 5 day visit to Monmouth. The Black Duke was berthed in Newport, Gwent until 22 May 2001.
2002-novAircraftAircraft assigned 824 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH858/415-MM as Monmouth Flt until c May 2004.
2004-jan ship granted Freedom of Monmouth, her affiliated town
2004-octAircraftAircraft assigned 829 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH858/415-MM as Monmouth Flt until c Sep 2005.
2005-sepAircraftAircraft assigned 829 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH857/415-MM as Monmouth Flt until c Mar 2006.
2006-aprAircraftAircraft assigned 829 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH850/462-MM as Monmouth Flt until c Nov 2006
2006-nov-18Port VisitPort Visit Spiller's Wharf to Newcastle-upon-Tyne for visit and Ship Open to Visitors.
2007-janAircraftAircraft assigned 829 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH840/415 as Monmouth Flt, at intervals until c May 2009.
2007-febDeploymentDeployment departed HMNB Devonport on a 9 month, round the world mission, returning 3 Dec 2007.
2009-sepAircraftAircraft assigned 829 NAS Merlin HM.1 ZH852/ (502 ?) as Monmouth Flt until c Jun 2010.
2009-sep-28DeploymentDeployment Armilla Patrol departed HMNB Devonport for a 6 month Northern Arabian Gulf deployment, until mid Apr 2010 return.
2009-oct-09AircraftAircraft Ships Flt Merlin HM.1 829Sq ZH852 /(502) noted at Luqa
2010-may-27DeploymentDeployment Escorted Operation Dynamo veteran vessels during 70th anniversary of the Dunkirk Evacuations
2010-nov-12Port VisitPort Visit visit to Cardiff to take part in Remembrance weekend ceremonies
2011-mar-26DeploymentDeployment departed HMNB Devonport for a 7 month maritime security deployment to Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and was relieved by HMS Somerset, returning on 3 Oct 2011
2012-janRefitRefit into dry dock for maintenance period at HMD Devonport, departed 29 Feb 2012
2012-apr-14DeploymentDeployment North Channel Perisher cooperating with HMS St Albans in searching for UK SSN HMS Tireless during Perisher command course.
2012-oct-17DeploymentDeployment Gulf of Aden Operation Kipion departed HMNB Devonport for 7 month maritime security and anti-piracy deployment to Persian Gulf with 815 NAS, 215 Flt embarked, relieving HMS Diamond. In turn, relieved on station in Gulf of Aden by HMS Dragon on 24 Apr. Returned to Plymouth on 17 May 2013.
2013-sep-27Port VisitPort Visit Roath Basin Britannia Quay berthed in Cardiff, to enable ships company to visit town of Monmouth. Departed 2 Oct.
2013-oct-07DeploymentDeployment North Western Approaches Exercise Joint Warrior 13-2 participated in two week exercise off NW Scotland
2013-novAircraftAircraft 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 XZ725/415 is Black Knight (ships flt).
2013-dec-16DeploymentDeployment escorted INS Vikramaditya through English Channel on delivery voyage to India, in company with INS Deepak and INS Trikand.
2014-feb-06RefitRefit surface and low level air search radar Type 997 at HMD Devonport with Babcock for fitting Artisan 3D radar and improving Seawolf system, amongst other work, until 6 Jul 2015. Returned to the Fleet in Nov 2015.
2017-mar-06DeploymentDeployment Operation Kipion departed HMNB Devonport for 9 month Middle East and Gulf maritime security and anti-piracy deployment. Wildcat ZZ533 Black Jack embarked. Returned to Plymouth on 1 Dec 2017.
2017-sep-20Port VisitPort Visit Visted Goa, before exercising with INS Gomati.
2018-augDeploymentDeployment WESTLANT 18 departed HMNB Devonport as escort for HMS Queen Elizabeth maiden deployment on 11 week WESTLANT 18 exercise off east coast of USA. 815 NAS 213 Flt Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ528 Blackjack embarked.
2018-aug-20NEWSUKHMNB Portsmouth Merlin Mk4 Deck Quals on HMS Queen Elizabeth
2018-sep-17Port VisitPort Visit US NS Norfolk WESTLANT18 Visited NS Norfolk after cruising to avoid path of Hurricane Florence. To join with HMS Queen Elizabeth.
2018-oct-04NEWS Merlin Commando First Time on Type 23 Frigate
2018-oct-11NEWS Osprey and Sea Dragon on HMS Queen Elizabeth
2019-mar HMD Devonport Alongside at HMD Devonport, supposedly awaiting a life extension refit, but now stripped of much equipment.
2021-sep-10StruckStruck HMD Devonport towed from HMD Devonport (for scrapping ?)

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Type 23 Duke class
3600light (tn)
4200full load (tn)
133length (m)
16.10beam (m)
5.50draught (m)
7800range (nm)
28max speed (knots)

4Naval Engine diesel - Paxman Valenta 12CM
2Naval Engine electric motors
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Spey
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODLAG

2Missile Launcher Mk 141 quad Harpoon
1Missile Launcher Sea Wolf

2Naval Gun single 30 mm
1Naval Gun Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch
4Chaff and decoys Seagnat
1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 182
1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 2070 Talisman

2Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 911
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1007
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 996
1Sonar towed array sonar Type 2031
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 2050

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 11
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 11
UK Royal Navy AW AW159 Wildcat HMA2 10


UK Yarrow, Scotstoun

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