1954 to 1972    

A200 HMS Vidal

UK Royal Navy

Flight Deck: VI
Call Sign: MNMB
Shipyard: HMD Chatham


History of UK HMS Vidal A200

1950-jul-05Laid downLaid down
1951-jul-31LaunchedLaunched Last survey ship built at HMD Chatham
1954-jul-10DeploymentDeployment JM Kingston Bay Jamaica while operating in Kingston Bay, Jamaica, Vidal Flt Hiller HTE.1 XB520 settled gently into the water and sank. Airframe recovered but was w/o.
1954-augAircraftAircraft Ships Flight replaced with Hiller HTE.1 XB516, until c Oct 1957
1954-oct-12DeploymentDeployment HT Port au Prince humanitarian support to Haiti, after the western part of the island was hit by Hurricane Hazel on 11 Oct.
1955-sep-18DeploymentDeployment Rockall To uninhabited North Atlantic island of Rockall to raise a Union Flag. Temp assigned Dragonfly HR.1 VZ965 as Ships Flt for the duty.
1957-oct-31AircraftAircraft Ships Flt (then with Dragonfly) administered by 701 Squadron.
1958-febAircraftAircraft assigned 701 Sq V Flt Dragonfly HR.5 WP501 as /705 by Feb 1958, until 9 Dec 1959.
1959-dec-09AircraftAircraft GL Davis Strait Accident assigned 701 Sq V Flt Dragonfly WP501/705 ditched on take-off and sank 9 Dec 1959 in Davis Strait, 60nm W of Greenland
1960-febAircraftAircraft Dragonfly WH991 allocated as 701 Sq V Flt in Feb 1960 but damaged on 9 Mar during transportation to ship, in Trinidad.
1961-aug-14AircraftAircraft 701 V Flight reformed with Dragonfly WG671/969. With a short gap between May and Sep 1963, the Flt remained in commission with Dragonfly until Jul 1965
1961-novDeploymentDeployment to British Honduras for post-Hurricane humanitarian support, with HMS Londonderry and HMS Troubridge.
1963DeploymentDeployment took part in Operation Navado.
1964-sepPort VisitPort Visit visited Leningrad, for meeting between UK and USSR Chief Hydrographers.
1966-may-22 damaged during collision with freighter Hong Kong Fair in mid Atlantic
1968-jan-01AircraftAircraft 829 Sq Vidal Flt reformed (with Wasp ex Hecla Flt) XT429/408-VI, until Mar 1970.
1968-decDeploymentDeployment Scheduled visit to Basra for Christmas met with uncooperative Iraqi forces. Rapid departure almost led to an International Incident.
1970-apr-17DeploymentDeployment Apollo 13 splashdown secondary Apollo 13 recovery Apollo XIII splashdown recovery to waters off Mauritius as standby for secondary splashdown site for Apollo XIII recovery
1971-augDecommissionedDecommissioned Paid off Aug 1971, laid up Aug 1972
1976-junFate: scrappedFate: scrapped at Bruges

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Vidal class
1940light (tn)
90.50length (m)
12.20beam (m)

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Hiller UH-12B HTE-2 11
UK Royal Navy Westland dragonfly 11
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11


UK HMD Chatham, Chatham

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