1955 to 1962    

A95 RFA Tide Austral

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary

1962 to 1985 - AU RAN - O 195 HMAS Supply    

Flight Deck:
Call Sign:
Shipyard: Harland and Wolff


History of AU HMAS Supply O 195


History of UK RFA Tide Austral A95

1952-aug-05Laid downLaid down originally to become RAFA Tide Austral
1955-may-28CommissionedCommissioned as RFA Tide Austral on loan from Australia
1962Fate: transferedFate: transfered to Royal Australian Navy
1962-aug-14DecommissionedDecommissioned in preparation for return to RAN

History of AU HMAS Supply O 195

1962-aug-15CommissionedCommissioned into RAN as HMAS Tide Austral at Southampton
1962-sep-07 renamed HMAS Supply, in service
1962-oct-01DeploymentDeployment left HMNB Portsmouth in compnay with 6 RAN minesweepers for Oz, via Suez, arriving Sydney 6 Dec 1962
1962-dec-11RefitRefit following voyage from UK, at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, until Jan 1963.
1968-sep-20DeploymentDeployment Exercise Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 13 Oct.
1968-nov-01RefitRefit at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, until 8 Apr 1969
1969-nov-28RefitRefit at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, until 24 Apr 1970
1970-dec-16RefitRefit at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, until 16 Nov 1971
1973RefitRefit bridge rebuilt, until 1974
1973-jun-29DeploymentDeployment Mururoa Atoll Rendezvous with HMNZS Otago and sailed in company towards Mururoa Atoll to support Australian monitoring of the French nuclear tests.
1975-janDeploymentDeployment AU Darwin Intl Darwin area Cyclone Tracy relief operations Departed Sydney on 27 Dec 1974 for Darwin. Arrived on station early Jan 1975 and remained active until 30 Jan 1975.
1977-apr-18RefitRefit at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, until 24 Aug 1977
1979RefitRefit midships gantries and forward 40mm guns removed, new radar installed.
1987-febFate: scrappedFate: scrapped scrapped in Taiwan

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UK Harland and Wolff, Belfast

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