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  • F76 HMS Mermaid

    UK Royal Navy

    - GH ghana navy - Black Star class GNS Black Star    
    1977 to present - MY Royal Malaysian Navy - F76 KD Hang Tuah    

    1973 to 1977    


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    Flight Deck: MM
    Call Sign: MWSZ


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    History of UK F76 HMS Mermaid

    1966-dec-29Launchedunnamed, as Yard no 2284. Never delivered to Ghana as government was overthrown and work stopped.
    1972Fate: transferedtransferred to Royal Navy
    1972-mayRefitat Chatham until spring 1973, to bring her closer to Type 61 standard
    1973-may-16Commissionedas HMS Mermaid

    History of MY F76 KD Hang Tuah

    1977-aprFate: transferedtransferred to Royal Malaysian Navy