R98 Clemenceau

FR French Navy

1961 to 1997    

R98 Clemenceau


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History of FR R98 Clemenceau

1955-novLaid down
1977-jul-13RefitMajor refit, for Super Etendard and tactical nuclear operations, until Nov 1978
1983-octDeploymentLBoff Lebanon Multi-National Force Operation Offcut relieved FS Foch off Lebanon in Oct 1983, as part of the Multi-National Force peacekeepers, until Feb 1984.
1985-sep-3RefitRefit until Jan 1987
1988RefitRefit until 1989
1993RefitRefit during 1993
2001plan to sink the carrier as an artificial reef abandoned
2003ESGijon Harbour breakers yard sold for scrap to Spanish breaker, with asbestos due to be removed in Gijon
2003-novrenamed anonymously as Q790 and left for Turkey (in contravention of sales agreement re removal of asbestos) and was intercepted by French Navy and returned to port
2005-dec-31Arsenal de Toulon (naval base) departed Toulon for Alang, India for scrapping.
2006-jan-15Egyptian Government removed environmental objections (asbestos) to passage through Suez Canal
2006-feb-15Arsenal de Toulon (naval base) naval base French Supreme Court suspended the transfer of ownership pending a review and ship returned to Toulon via Cape of Good Hope
2008-jul-1After intervention by Indian Supreme Court rejecting the scrapping at Alang, French Government announced she was to be scrapped at Graythorp, Hartlepool by Able UK.
2009-febQ790 arrived in Hartlepool for scrapping
2009-nov-18Fate: scrappedUKGraythorp breakers yard Scrapping commenced in Hartlepool, completed by end of 2010



    from Clemenceau class
32780full load (tn)
265length (m)
31.70beam (m)
8.60draught (m)
7500range (nm)
32max speed (knots)
1Naval Radar air search radar DRBV 23B
2Naval Radar fire direction radar DRBC 31
2Naval Radar fire direction radar DRBC 32
2Naval Radar height finding radar DRBI 10
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar DRBV50
1Sonar hull mounted and towed sonar AN/SQS-505



    Typical Max
FR French Navy SA SE3210 Super Frelon 20
FR French Navy SNIA Alouette III 20

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



FR DCNS - Brest,

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