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  • K07 HMS Lofoten

    UK Royal Navy

    1945 to 1990    


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    Flight Deck: LT
    Call Sign: MVFM
    Shipyard: Blyth Shipbuilders


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    History of UK K07 HMS Lofoten

    1945-jan-26Launchedas an LST(3), 3027
    1947renamed HMS Lofoten
    1956-oct-31DeploymentNile Delta Port Said Operation Musketeer landed the transports for 45 Commando during the Suez invasion
    1958repurposed as a Harbour Accommodation Ship
    1963Whilst awaiting a course at HMS Excellent I, as part of a ‘ferry crew’ based at HMS Bellerophen at Portsmouth, ferried HMS Lofoten from Gibralter where she had been in reserve, back to Portsmouth for her conversion. We were towed back by an RN tug and got blown off course out into the atlantic by strong winds. We carried fresh water in a tank on deck for drinking and used salt water soap for washing and ate cold rations. There was no power and she was cold and dark. When we ran out of cigarettes the tug shortened the tow and passed some back in a tin on a line. Cant remember how many days it took us to get to the UK A/B Barry Knell
    1964Refitconverted to Helicopter Support Ship
    1964HomeportPortland Harbour Portland, Dorset Portland Harbour
    1967-dec-15replaced in role by RFA Engadine
    1969HomeportHMD Rosyth Laid up. To Rosyth as accommodation vessel.
    1991Fate: scrappedFor sale in 1991 and eventually sold for scrap in 1993.



        from Lofoten class
    4120light (tn)
    4820full load (tn)
    105.90length (m)
    16.80beam (m)
    13max speed (knots)



        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 16

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    UK Blyth Shipbuilders, Blyth

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