R93 HMS Terrible

UK Royal Navy

1948 to 1973 - AU RAN - R17 HMAS Sydney    



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History of UK R93 HMS Terrible

1943-apr-19Laid downas Colossus class hull
1944-sep-30Launchedas HMS Terrible
1948-decFate: transferedto Royal Australian Navy

History of AU R17 HMAS Sydney

1948-dec-16Commissionedinto RAN as HMAS Sydney, with deck letter K
1951-oct-4Deploymentrelieved HMS Glory for Korean War service with CAG-21 embarked, until 2 Feb 1952. Assigned RN Dragonfly HR.1 VZ965 as SAR Flt.
1952-novDeploymentrelieved HMS Ocean as Duty Far East carrier.
1953-jun-15Deployment Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet attended Coronation Fleet Review at Spithead
1954-janAircraftreceived Dragonfly HR.3 WP498/-K on loan from FAA for 4 months, during Korean War deployment.
1954-may-12Deploymentrelieved by HMS Warrior, off Korea, to end deployment
1955-aprrole amended to flying training carrier and deck letter changed to S, with imminent appearance of HMAS Melbourne
1956-sep-21Deploymentdeparted Australia for S E Asia exercises. Group included HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Quadrant, HMAS Queenborough and HMAS Quickmatch. Only time HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Sydney ever deployed together.
1958-mayinto reserve, at approx 6 months notice to reactivate
1961Refitconversion to fast transport role (primarily for Army support), completed 1962
1961-mar-4AircraftAccident RAN 723 Sq Sycamore XD654/909 ditched alongside RN HMS Hermes, while operating from HMAS Sydney, 4 Mar 1961 nr the Cocos Islands
1962-marrecommissioned as a troop ship.
1965DeploymentVNVung Tau Harbour Vung Tau between 1965 and 1972, engaged in 20 or so supply missions to South China Sea (off Viet Nam), earning the nickname Vung Tau Ferry. Typically carried 4 Wessex HAS.31 for ASW duties.
1968-sep-20DeploymentExercise Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 10 Oct.
1968-oct-12Port VisitNZWellington, Queen's Wharf Wellington visit to Wellington until 18 Oct, following Exercise Coral Sands.
1975-decFate: scrappedsold for scrap Oct 1975, left for South Korea Dec 1975



    from Majestic class
18000full load (tn)
211.80length (m)
24.40beam (m)
7.20draught (m)
12000range (nm)
25max speed (knots)
40000power (shp)



UK HMD Devonport, Devonport

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