D51 INS Rajput

IN Indian Navy

1979 to 1980 - Kashin class Nadezhnyy    

1980 to present    


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1976-sep-11Laid down Kashin class Nadezhnyy
1977-sep-17Launched Kashin class Nadezhnyy
1979-nov-30Commissioned Kashin class Nadezhnyy
1980Decommissioned Kashin class Nadezhnyy to Indian Navy as INS Rajput (D51)
1980-sep-30Commissionedex USSR Navy Nadezhnyy



    from Rajput class
4025light (tn)
4905full load (tn)
146.20length (m)
15.80beam (m)
4.80draught (m)
3500range (nm)
33max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel
2Naval Engine gas turbine
1Naval Gun twin 76 mm
5Torpedo Launchers single tube 533 mm



    Typical Max
IN Indian Navy Kamov ka-25 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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