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  • AOE-1 USS Sacramento

    US US Navy

    1964 to 2004    


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    Flight Deck:
    Call Sign: NMDF


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    History of US AOE-1 USS Sacramento

    1961-jun-30Laid down
    1968I was detached to the Sacramento while in HC-3, we were on our way to Viet Nam when we were, detoured to the coast of Korea along with the Enterprise. Thats right Korea, remember the Pueblo, we didn t stay long and did go to Vietnam, where we were exposed to AO, gave me Parkinsons, yuk, I flew in the h-46s and made it to various ships just off the coast, delivering supplies via vert reps. Hello to any who served with me, if alive, as we are old men now!! FRED NIELSEN ADR2
    2001-oct-19AircraftUH-46D 153406 HC-11 /VR-65
    2007-apr-13Fate: scrappedat Brownsville, Texas



        from Sacramento class
    19200light (tn)
    53000full load (tn)
    242.30length (m)
    32.60beam (m)
    11.90draught (m)
    26max speed (knots)
    100000power (shp)
    4Naval Engine boilers
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    1Missile Launcher Mk 29 8-cell Sea Sparrow
    1Naval Gun Mark 38 25 mm
    2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
    1Chaff and decoys Mark 36 SRBOC
    1Aids TACAN URN-20
    1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPS-58
    1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-10



        Typical Max
    US United States Naval Aviation B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 13

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    US Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company, Harbor Island

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