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  • P222 HMS Forth

    UK Royal Navy

    2018 to present    


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    IMO: 9752058
    Flight Deck:
    Call Sign: GFTH


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    History of UK P222 HMS Forth

    2014-oct-10Laid downfirst steel cut at Govan on 10 Oct 2014
    2016-aug-20LaunchedLaunched at Govan
    2018-feb-26HomeportHMNB Portsmouth Entered Portsmouth after a weekend in Stokes Bay
    2018-apr-13CommissionedCommissioned. Soon handed back to builders after significant serious faults uncovered. HMS Tyne (P281) was recommissioned in Aug 2018 while issues are rectified.
    2019-apr-9Port VisitHMD Devonport 9 Apr 2019, 1st visit to Plymouth
    2019-jun-22Port VisitCruise Terminal Visiting Liverpool Cruise Terminal
    2019-jun-27DeploymentEscort escorted Project 22160-class RFS Vasily Bykov through English Channel heading north east.
    2019-nov-1DeploymentMare Harbour FIPS Departed HMNB Portsmouth for her new, long term South Atlantic base of East Cove, to relieve HMS Clyde.



        from River (Batch 2) class
    2000full load (tn)
    90length (m)
    5500range (nm)
    24max speed (knots)
    9875power (shp)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    1Naval Gun DS30M 30mm
    2Naval Gun Mark 44 6 barrelled 7.62mm mingun
    1Naval Radar helicopter control radar KH Sharpeye
    1Naval Radar navigation radar KH Sharpeye



        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    UK Royal Navy AW EH101 01
    UK Royal Navy AW AW159 Wildcat HMA2 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    UK Kvaerner (Govan), Govan

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