1955 to 1993    

CV-59 USS Forrestal

US US Navy

CV-59 USS Forrestal

Flight Deck: 59
Call Sign: NJVF
Shipyard: Newport News Shipbuilding


History of US USS Forrestal CV-59

1952-jul-14Laid downLaid down
1954-dec-11LaunchedLaunched as CVA-59
1955-oct-01CommissionedCommissioned NS Norfolk and based at Norfolk, VA
1956-octDeploymentDeployment operating in Mediterranean with escort USS Des Moines (CA-134) while shadowing the British and French Musketeer operations
1957-octPort VisitPort Visit visit to Southampton, UK
1962-augDeploymentDeployment Exercise Rip Tide II operating off Portugal with HMS Centaur, HMS Hermes and USS Enterprise during, Exercise RipTide II.
1963-oct-30TrialsTrials conducted 1st set of deck landing trials with USMC KC-130F 798 off Jacksonville, FL
1963-nov-08TrialsTrials conducted 2nd set of deck landing trials with USMC KC-130F 798, 90nm E of Boston. Findings led to C-2 Greyhound COD programme.
1967-jul-25DeploymentDeployment Yankee Station Departed Norfolk VA with her air wing (including a detachment from HS-2) on 6 Jun 1967, for Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam, arrived 25 Jul. On 29 Jul a weapons release accident caused a huge fire on deck amongst an armed and fuelled strike force. 135 lost their lives bringing the blaze under control. Steamed to Subic Bay for temporary repairs and returned to Norfolk on 15 Sep.
1974-julDeploymentDeployment Partition of Cyprus detached from US 6th Fleet in Mediterannean and ordered off Cyprus to support and if neccesary evacuate US Nationals in aftermath of Turkish invasion of the island. Operated with support of USS Inchon, HS-3 embarked.
1975-julHomeportHomeport Mayport designation changed to CV-59 and moved to Mayport Naval Station, FL
1982 helicopter crash
1992-feb-04HomeportHomeport NAS Pensacola / Forrest Sherman Field designation changed to AVT-59 and moved to Pensacola Naval Station, FL
2014-feb-04Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped towed from Philadelphia Naval Yard to Texas for scrapping, completed by Dec 2014.

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Forrestal class
78000full load (tn)
330length (m)
39.50beam (m)
11draught (m)
34max speed (knots)

4Naval Engine steam turbines

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