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  • A620 Jules Verne

    FR French Navy

    1976 to 2009    


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    Flight Deck:
    Call Sign: FBAC
    Shipyard: DCNS - Brest


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    History of FR A620 Jules Verne

    1969-jul-15Laid downas Achéron.
    1973-jul-9Refitfrom munitions ship to fleet replenishment and renamed Jules Verne.
    1976-oct-7HomeportDJDjibouti Port assigned to Djibouti.
    1977-may-14Port VisitREPort Reunion port visit and operations around Reunion.
    1978-jan-20Port VisitSCVictoria Harbour visited Seychelles.
    1979-aug-18Port VisitYTPort de Longoni visited Mayotte, until 23 Aug.
    1980-jan-22Port VisitLKPort of Colombo visited Colombo, until 26 Jan.
    1980-oct-16Port VisitKEPort Mombasa visited Mombassa, until 24 Oct.
    1981-marPort VisitDJDjibouti Port alongside at Djibouti, from time to time with the Loire.
    1983-may-30DeploymentREPort Reunion extended visit to Port les Galets on Reunion, until 17 Aug.
    1986-jan-17DeploymentYEoff Aden Operation Balsac ordered to Aden, with a Puma and 2 Alouettte III embarked, to evacuate French nationals.
    1986-sep-23DeploymentSOoff Berbera rendezvous with HMS Scylla, off Berbera.
    1988-apr-9Port VisitSAJeddah Naval Base visited Jeddah, until 13 Apr.
    1988-sep-13Port VisitSOPort of Mogadishu visited Mogadishu, until 17 Sep.
    1988-dec-13Refitgeneral upgrade of facilities at Ponant, until mid Mar 1989.
    1991-jan-3DeploymentSOPort of Mogadishu Opération Bérénice assisted in evacuating French and other nationals from Somalia, initially to Djibouti.
    2004-may-26DeploymentGulf of Guinea Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until early Aug.
    2005-jul-18DeploymentGulf of Guinea Operation Corymbe deployed to Mission Corymbe, until mid Oct.
    2016-mayFate: scrappedBEGhent towed from Toulon to the Galoo yard in Ghent, to be scrapped.



        from Achéron class
    6485light (tn)
    10250full load (tn)
    151length (m)
    21.50beam (m)
    6.45draught (m)
    9180range (nm)
    19max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
    2Naval Gun single 40 mm



    FR DCNS - Brest,

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