2005 to present    

F805 Hr.Ms. Evertsen

NL Royal Netherlands Navy

F805 Hr.Ms. Evertsen

MMSI: 244942000
Flight Deck: EV
Call Sign: PAEU
Shipyard: Royal Schelde


History of NL Hr.Ms. Evertsen F805

2001-sep-03Laid downLaid down
2011-jul-01HomeportHomeport Den Helder Marinehaven (naval base) naval days 2011 (marinedagen)
2012-mar-20 Den Helder Marinehaven (naval base) homeport
2012-aug-16AircraftAircraft returned to Rotterdam from deployment to Gulf of Aden, with SH-14D 283 embarked.
2013-apr-29 Den Helder Marinehaven (naval base) return after international exercise Joint Warrior
2013-apr-30Port VisitPort Visit Amsterdam Harbour Veemkade To fire 101 salutes for the New King
Later renamed from Hr.Ms. Evertsen in Zr.Ms. Evertsen
moored/docked to Veemkade
2014-mayDeploymentDeployment Gulf of Aden Operation Ocean Shield inside Op. Enduring Freedom
2019-feb-01DeploymentDeployment 55nm SE Anaximander Ridge SNMG2 TU02 SNMG2 NATO SNMG2 Flagship. 1 Feb 2019 Led air defence exercise with Turkish Navy in Eastern Mediterranean.
2019-feb-25DeploymentDeployment Dynamic Manta 2019 Still NATO SNMG2 Flagship
2020-sep-21DeploymentDeployment UK North Western Approaches JW 20-2 Exercise Joint Warrior 20-2 Participated in Ex Joint Warrior 20-2 off NW Scotland
2021-apr-28NEWS UK Carrier Strike Group to Visit 40 Countries
2021-jun-18Port VisitPort Visit UA Odessa CSG21 Visit to Odessa with HMS Defender, as part of her CSG21 deployment and departed just before midnight.
2021-jun-24DeploymentDeployment UA off SW Crimea FoN exercise Freedom of Navigation deployment to Black Sea, challenged by Russian Federation Naval, Coast Guard and Air forces.
2021-jul-07DeploymentDeployment EG Suez Canal CSG21 Transit of Suez Canal from Mediterranean, at the head of the CSG21 main force.
2021-aug-06Port VisitPort Visit GU Naval Base Guam CSG21 arrived in Guam as part of HMS Queen Elizabeth group

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De Zeven Provinciën class
4400light (tn)
6500full load (tn)
144.24length (m)
18.82beam (m)
5.19draught (m)
5000range (nm)
30max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine diesel - Werkspoor Wartsila 16V26
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Spey
2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG

1Naval Gun Otobreda 127 mm

1Naval Radar long range search SMART-L

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
NL Dutch Navy Westland Lynx 12
NL Dutch Navy NHI NH90 NFH 01


NL Royal Schelde,

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