F69 HMNZS Wellington

NZ Royal New Zealand Navy

1969 to 1982 - UK Royal Navy - Broad Beam Leander class F69 HMS Bacchante    

1982 to 1999    


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Flight Deck: WN
Call Sign: ZMFS
See Also: FS Protector OPV class P55


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History of UK Broad Beam Leander class F69 HMS Bacchante

1966-oct-27Laid down
1969-febAircraftassigned 829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT443 as Bacchante Flt/425 until c Jul 1969
1972-janDeploymentBermuda area detached from exercise with US Navy and ordered towards British Honduras, as escort for HMS Ark Royal, to deter Guatemalan ambitions.

History of NZ F69 HMNZS Wellington

1982Fate: transferedex UK RN HMS Bacchante

History of UK Broad Beam Leander class F69 HMS Bacchante

1982-oct-1Fate: transferedto New Zealand as HMNZS Wellington

History of NZ F69 HMNZS Wellington

1982-oct-11Port VisitUKHMNB Portsmouth Delivery departed HMNB Portsmouth 11 Oct, with Wasp HAS.1 NZ3906 on delivery.
1982-decRefitextended refit in NZ, completed in 1986
1986-aug-21Commissionedinto Royal New Zealand Navy after 3 year refit
1988-sep-26Port VisitAUHMAS Kuttabul Fleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute to Sydney for Australian Bi-centennial Fleet Review
1996Refitrefit until Aug 1997, including installation of Phalanx CIWS and enlargement to hanger for Seasprite programme
2005-nov-13Fate: sunkas artificial reef at Island Bay, Cook Strait



    Typical Max
NZ RNZN Westland Wasp 11
NZ RNZN Kaman Seasprite 11

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