L3009 RFA Cardigan Bay

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary

2007 to present    


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Flight Deck: CB
Call Sign: GCID


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History of UK L3009 RFA Cardigan Bay

2005-apr-9LaunchedKvaener had become part of BAE Systems, Yard No. 324
2006-nov-17Homeportarrived at A and P Falmouth
2007-mar-6CommissionedPortland Harbour at Portland
2008-janDeployment Operation Telic Towards end of month RFA Cardigan Bay deployed to the Arabian Gulf for a 3 year mission to assist in the training of the Iraqi Navy, returning to Portsmouth on 7 Jan 2011.
2011-aprDeploymentdeparted UK for Mediterranean as part of Response Force Task Group in support of possible operations against Libya.
2011-aug-26Port VisitA and P Falmouth arrived in Falmouth after de-storing in Plymouth, in preparation for refit.
2011-sep-10RefitA and P Falmouth Refit commenced 5 month refit at A and P Falmouth, completed 25 Feb 2012
2012-mayDeploymentdeparted UK for Middle East and Indian Ocean extended deployment. Returned to UK Jul 2016.
2013-sepAircraft815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 re-assigned from HMS Dragon while on station in the Gulf, supporting UK mine hunters. Embarked team of 831 Flight to test the ScanEagle
2014-marAircraftassigned 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 XZ725/337 as Ships Flt by Mar 2014, still Jun 2015
2014-julDeploymentinteroperated with US Army AH-64 of 3-159Bn 42nd CAB during Exercise Spartan Kopis off Bahrain.
2014-nov-7DeploymentIMCMEX 2014 International Mine Counter Measures Exercise 2014 participated in major multi-national Gulf exercise, together with a number of UK warships and MCM vessels.
2016-jun-6Port VisitGRPiraeus SNMG2 visit to Piraeus while with SNMG2 on migrant patrol
2016-jul-14RefitA and P Falmouth Refit commenced 5 month refit at A and P Falmouth
2017-jan-31DeploymentBHMina Salman Port CTF 50 Exercise Unified Trident participated with CTF50 for multi-national Ex Unified Trident in Persian Gulf until 2 Feb.
2018-mar-11Port VisitQAHamad Port DIMDEX 2018 visited Hamad Port, Qatar
2018-octDeploymentBHMina Salman Port Exercise Saif Sareea 3 Participated in Joint UK-Omani Ex SS3 as Minehunter Squadron support ship. To be relieved in Middle East by RFA Lyme Bay on completion.
2018-oct-28NEWS Royal Navy Exercise Saif Sareea 3 off Oman



    from Bay class
177length (m)
26beam (m)
5.10draught (m)
18max speed (knots)
4Naval Gun Mark 44 6 barrelled 7.62mm mingun
2Naval Gun Oerlikon 30mm cannon
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm



    Typical Max
UK Royal Air Force B 414 - H-47D Chinook 02
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 10

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



UK Kvaerner (Govan), Govan

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