1972 to 1978    

C20 HMS Tiger

UK Royal Navy

1959 to 1968 - Tiger class C20 HMS Tiger    

Flight Deck: TG
Call Sign: MMWS
See Also: C Tiger class C20


History of Tiger class UK HMS Tiger C20

1941-oct-01Laid downLaid down as HMS Bellerophon
1959-nov-27 damaged by fire
1961-aug-05DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1961 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1961
1962-marDeploymentDeployment departed HMNB Devonport for Far East deployment
1962-jul-24DeploymentDeployment MY Pulau Tioman South China Sea Exercise FOTEX 62 participated in Exercise FOTEX 62 with Far East Fleet, RAN and RNZN
1963 AU HMAS Kuttabul Port visit to Sydney
1964-aug-01Port VisitPort Visit HMD Devonport Navy Days 1964 Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1964.
1965-augDeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1965 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1965
1966-aug-27DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1966 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1966
1966-decDeploymentDeployment Gibraltar and Mediterranean for talks between UK and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
1967-aug-26DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1967 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1967
1968RefitRefit Converted at HMD Devonport, between 1968 and 1972 into a Helicopter Cruiser for 4x Sea King.
1970-aug-29 HMD Devonport Navy Days 1970 present (in refit) at Plymouth Navy Days 1970.
1971-aug-28 HMD Devonport Navy Days 1971 present (in refit) at Plymouth Navy Days 1971.

History of UK HMS Tiger C20

1973-jun-08DeploymentDeployment Departed HMNB Portsmouth (826 NAS Sea Kings embarked) as Flagship for Far East deployment of Task Group 317.1, in company with HMS Dido, HMS Hermione and HMS Rhyl. The group was supported by RFA Regent and RFA Tidespring, until it returned to the UK in Dec 1973.
1973-dec-20AircraftAircraft disembarked 826 NAS to RNAS Culdrose on return from global deployment.
1974-dec-12DeploymentDeployment Accident Lost Sea King HAS.1 XV667 from 820 Sq while operating in the Bay of Biscay.
1975-feb-06DeploymentDeployment Separation of Cypriot states Ordered from Gibraltar to Cyprus to support the UN Peace Keeping Force and British interests, until 14 Feb.
1977-febDeploymentDeployment 4 months deployment to Gibraltar, Dakar, Caribbean ( Roosevelt Rhodes, PR) and Rio de Janeiro with 4 Sea Kings from 826 NAS onboard
1977-jun-25DeploymentDeployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Ryde Sand
1977-sep-05DeploymentDeployment Departed HMNB Portsmouth as flagship of 7.5 month group deployment (TG 317.6) to Australia and Far East, in company with HMS Rhyl, RFA Grey Rover, RFA Regent, RFA Tarbatness and RFA Tidepool. Sea Kings of 826 NAS embarked. Returned 20 Apr 1978.
1986-sepFate: scrappedFate: scrapped Sold for scrap and towed to Spain from Portsmouth. Arrived in Spain for scrapping on 28 Sep 1986.

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Tiger conversion class
12100full load (tn)
173length (m)
19beam (m)
7draught (m)
30max speed (knots)

2Missile Launcher Sea Cat

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 965
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 993
1Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 903

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