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  • F28 HMS Cleopatra

    UK Royal Navy

    1966 to 1992    


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    Flight Deck: CP
    Call Sign: GMLU
    Shipyard: HMD Devonport


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    History of UK F28 HMS Cleopatra

    1963-jun-19Laid down
    1965-decAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT437 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463 until c Jul 1966.
    1967-aug-26DeploymentHMD Devonport Navy Days 1967 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1967
    1968-febAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT440 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463-CL by Feb 1968 until 17 Sep.
    1968-sep-17AircraftNLoff de Koog Accident 829 NAS Cleopatra Flt Wasp HAS.1 XT440/463-CL ditched and sank off Dutch coast on 17 Sep 1968
    1968-octAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XS534 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463-CL until c Dec 1968.
    1968-decAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT432 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463-CL until c Apr 1970.
    1968-decDeploymentMozambique Channel Beira Patrol Beira Patrol off Mozambique to enforce UN sanctions against Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), as part of her Far East Station deployment. Returned to Devonport Oct 1969.
    1970-mayRefitto Sep 1970
    1970-sepAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XV631 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463-CL by Sep 1970 until May 1972
    1972-may-15Aircraft290nm ENE Gan Accident while operating from ship in Indian Ocean, Wasp XV631 ditched 290nm ENE Gan. Wreck recovered, to AIU Lee on Solent by Jun 1972.
    1972-may-22DeploymentMozambique Channel Beira Beira Patrol Relieved HMS Lowestoft on Beira Patrol duty.
    1972-sepAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT434 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463 until c Sep 1973.
    1973-julRefitHMD Devonport MM38 Exocet single launcher first Leander class Exocet conversion, completed 1975
    1975-novAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XV635 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463 until 5 Apr 1977.
    1975-nov-25Trialspost re-commissioning trials, in Caribbean.
    1977-apr-5AircraftAccident Wasp XV635/463 ditched and sank SW of Eddystone Rocks.
    1977-jun-25Deployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review (Captain 4F), off Gosport
    1977-aug-27DeploymentHMD Devonport Navy Days 1977 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1977
    1977-sep-5DeploymentDeparted HMNB Devonport as part of Task Group 317.6 for 7.5 month Australia and Far East group deployment, led by HMS Tiger. Left in company with HMS Amazon, HMS Mohawk and HMS Zulu. Returned to Devonport on 20 Apr 1978.
    1977-octAircraft829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XT784 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463 until c Sep 1978.
    1978RefitReady for Lynx until Apr 1979, prepared for Lynx operations.
    1979-janAircraft702 NAS Lynx HAS.2 XZ247 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463-CP until c May 1981
    1979-aprShip granted the Freedom of Harrogate.
    1981-junAircraft815 NAS Lynx HAS.2 XZ730 assigned as Cleopatra Flt/463-CP until c Dec 1981.
    1981-aug-29Port VisitHMD Devonport Navy Days 1981 Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1981
    1982-janRefittowed array sonar Type 2031 new sonar array fitted by Apr 1983
    1991-octDeploymentSTANAVFORLANT NATO deployment, completed on 17 Dec 1991 when she entered HMNB Devonport for the final time.
    1992-jan-24DecommissionedHMD Devonport Decommissioning ceremony at HMNB Devonport on 24 Jan 1992.
    1993Fate: scrappedscrapped in India



        from Towed Array Exocet Leander class
    4Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher
    1Sonar towed array sonar Type 2031



    UK HMD Devonport, Devonport

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