R31 HMCS Warrior

CA Canadian Armed Forces

1948 to 1958 - UK Royal Navy - R31 HMS Warrior    

1946 to 1948    


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Flight Deck: W
Call Sign: GGDY


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History of UK R31 HMS Warrior


History of CA R31 HMCS Warrior

1942-dec-12Laid down
1944-may-20LaunchedUKHarland and Wolff as Yard no. 1224.
1946-marHomeportdeparted HMNB Portsmouth for Halifax, NS.
1948-marFate: transferedtransferred to UK Royal Navy

History of UK R31 HMS Warrior

1948-mar-23Commissionedex RCN HMCS Warrior. RN Deck Letter J
1948-nov-3TrialsTrials of flexible (rubber) deck Nov to early Dec 1948
1949-marTrialsFurther trials of flexible (rubber) deck Mar 1949
1950-augDeploymentdeparted UK to ferry aircraft and troops to the Far East.
1951-jun-22DeploymentSingapore departed UK for Far East, transporting 16 Parachute Brigade to Cyprus and stores and at least Dragonfly HR.1 VZ964 and VZ965. Arrived Singapore towards end of Jul.
1951-novAircraftSGSembawang naval base assigned Dragonfly HR.1 VX596 for Ship Flight until c Dec, to Far East.
1952Refitair search radar Type 281 in HMD Devonport for refit until Sep 1953.
1954-may-12Deploymentrelieved HMAS Sydney, off Korean peninsula.
1954-aug-31Deploymentdeparted Hong Kong after rapid fit of extra accommodation, to evacuate civilians from Vietnam, until mid Sep 1954.
1954-dec-14Refitcarrier controlled approach radar Type 961 at HMD Devonport., which included fitting of a 5° angled deck, a mirror landing sight and strengthening the flight deck.
1956-novAircraftassigned Whirlwind HAR.3 XG579 / 993-J, XG584 / 994-J and XG588 / 995-J until Oct 1957.
1957-febDeploymentoff Malden Island Line Islands Operation Grapple In Pacific Ocean for H Bomb test as part of Operation Grapple. Whirlwinds were used for an air sampling programme during the Grapple tests.
1958-nov-11Fate: transferedtransferred to Argentina in a ceremony at HMNB Portsmouth, as ARA Independencia



    from Colossus class
13190light (tn)
18400full load (tn)
211.80length (m)
24.40beam (m)
7.20draught (m)
12000range (nm)
25max speed (knots)
42000power (shp)
2Naval Engine steam turbines
32Naval Gun single 20 mm
1Naval Radar air direction radar Type 277



UK Harland and Wolff, Belfast

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