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  • R07 HMS Albion

    UK Royal Navy

    1954 to 1973    


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    Flight Deck: A
    Call Sign: GKXR
    Shipyard: Swan Hunter (Wallsend)
    See Also: L Albion class L14


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    History of UK R07 HMS Albion

    1944-mar-23Laid downSwan Hunter (Wallsend) Yard No. 1721
    1949-oct-18HMD Rosyth Accident While under tow in the North Sea, heading for Rosyth, was in collision with mv Maystone which sank with loss of life, leaving hole in port side. Reached Rosyth on 19 Oct for repairs and planned bottom scrape.
    1954Port VisitAUHMAS Kuttabul Sydney visited Sydney, while on maiden deployment to Far East and Australia
    1954-may-27CommissionedDeck id Z until 1957, then A. First carrier to be completed with an angled deck (5 deg) and a deck landing mirror sight (DLMS).
    1954-sepAircraftassigned Dragonfly HR.3 to SAR Flt WG669/902-Z until c Jun 1955
    1956-janDeploymentdeparted UK on maiden deployment to Far East, returning in May.
    1956-augAircraftSAR Flt assigned Whirlwind HAR.3 to SAR Flt XG577 / 979-Z and XG578 / 980-Z, until c Sep 1957
    1956-sep-17DeploymentMTGrand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta Arrived in Malta, covertly preparing for Op Musketeer. SAR Flt equipped with Whirlwind HAR.3 XG573 / 979 (temporary assignment) & XG578 / 980.
    1956-nov-1DeploymentNile Delta Port Said Operation Musketeer Participated in Suez Canal fixed wing operations and remained on patrol for c a month following the cease fire.
    1957-may-27DeploymentCromarty Firth Fleet Review Took part in the Royal Review of the Home Fleet in the Cromarty Firth.
    1957-novRefitHMD Portsmouth Refit in HMD Portsmouth until c Apr 1958
    1958-jul-22Deploymentafter rapid work installing tie down points, departed UK with 42 Commando RM and HQ 19 Infantry Brigade with its kit and vehicles embarked, for Malta to augment the garrison in case intervention in the Iraqi Revolution was required.
    1958-augAircraftWhirlwind HAS.7 of 820 NAS embarked for Far East operations, until May 1959
    1958-oct-23AircraftAccident 820 NAS Whirlwind HAS.7 XL871/324 /W ditched and sank off Cadiz
    1959-mayPort Visitvisited Madagascar, while returning to UK from Far East and Australasian deployment.
    1959-augRefitRefit at HMD Portsmouth until c Nov 1959
    1960-feb-9AircraftAccident While en route to Far East with 815 NAS embarked, Whirlwind HAS.7 XL850/302-A ditched and sank in western Mediterranean.
    1960-mar-26Port VisitGRPiraeus Three day visit to Piraeus. Anchored in Piraeus Bay, until 29 Mar.
    1960-apr-10AircraftAccident Whirlwind HAS.7 XL897 815 NAS/302-A ditched and sank while operating dunking sonar on 10 Apr 1960
    1960-aug-10AircraftAccident Whirlwind HAS.7 XL880/306-A damaged blades and tail in deck accident while operating with 815 NAS in the Far East
    1960-aug-22Deploymentoff Hong Kong Emergency assisted injured crewman on ss Twinhorse, c 60 nm SSE of Hong Kong. Launched two Whirlwind from 815 Sq, including XL883/308.
    1960-aug-23Port VisitHKVictoria Harbour Ten day visit to Hong Kong, departed 1 Sep.
    1960-oct-1AircraftSGSembawang naval base Offloaded a number of helicopters to AHU at RAF Tengah (including XL880) while at Singapore.
    1961-janRefitCommando Carrier refit until 1962, conversion to Commando Carrier and recommissioned on 1 Aug 1962
    1962-nov-2DeploymentMYoff Brunei Bay Old Grey Ghost of the Coast Konfrontasi Embarked 846 NAS with its 6 Whirlwind HAS.7 and 845 NAS with 12 Wessex HAS.1 from RNAS Culdrose for Far East deployment. Disembarked on 14 Dec 1962 for operations from Borneo (846 to Seria, 845 to Brunei). After time on station, relieved by HMS Bulwark, departed Feb 1964 for UK and arrived back in HMNB Portsmouth on 15 Apr 1964.
    1962-nov-26YEAden Harbour Accident sunk a tug following collision in Aden
    1962-dec-14Deployment Konfrontasi Stood off Labuan in South China Sea and launched Whirlwind HAS.7 of 846 Sq and Wessex of 845 Sq to support the ejection of Indonesian backed troops from Brunei
    1963-sep-28DeploymentMYLabuan Old Grey Ghost of the Coast Konfrontasi ferried 3 detachments of 103 Squadron Whirlwind HAR.10 (2 airframes from Singapore, 3 from Kuching and 3 from Sibu) to reinforce 110 Squadron at RAF Labuan. Arrived 30 Sep 1963.
    1963-novDeploymentOld Grey Ghost of the Coast Konfrontasi Delivered RAF No 38 Group Spine Force reinforcement for the Far East Air Force to support operations in Sarwak, Brunei and Sabah (Borneo) during the Indonesian Confrontation. Included three Belvedere and a Whirlwind and arrived initially in Singapore on 20 Nov.
    1964-mar-28AircraftYEAden Harbour embarked 4x Khormaksar SAR Flt Sycamore (including XL829) for return to UK, after they were in process of being replaced by Whirlwind HAR.10. Part of HMS Albion return leg to UK, begun on 2 Nov 1962.
    1964-aprGulf of Aden relieved as the Far East station carrier by HMS Bulwark, off Aden.
    1964-nov-23TrialsLeft HMNB Portsmouth for sea trials after dry-docking for several months, following recommissioning ceremony.
    1965-mar-12DeploymentMYoff Brunei Bay Old Grey Ghost of the Coast Konfrontasi departed HMNB Portsmouth, 848 Sq embarked with 12 Wessex HU.5 plus the Sioux of 40 Commando Air Troop, for 18 month Far East and Borneo deployment, via Suez Canal. Transported detachment of 815 NAS Wessex HAS.1 to Sibu, from May to Jul 1965. Returned to UK Sep 1966
    1965-nov-25Aircraftdeparted Aden for Singapore with remaining 4 ex 26 Squadron Belvedere, including XG474, for 66 Squadron and arrived 4 Dec.
    1965-decDeploymentWhile returning to Singapore from Labuan, rammed and sank Indonesian patrol boat which had attacked her. Damaged bow, which was repaired during the Feb-Apr 1966 docking period in Singapore.
    1966-augDeploymentRed Sea returned a number of Whirlwind HAS.7 back to the UK from Sembawang. Relieved as the Far East station carrier by HMS Bulwark in the Red Sea
    1966-sepRefitRefit at HMD Portsmouth, having left Singapore in Aug 1966. Completed c Mar 1967.
    1967-junDeploymentoff Lagos during Nigerian Civil War, to support possible evacuations. Arrived back in UK by early Jul 1967
    1967-octDeploymentYEoff Aden TF 945 until 29 Nov 1967, part of Task Force 318 to cover the British withdrawal from Aden during Operation Magister.
    1968Refitrefit during the winter, completed 1969
    1968-febDeparted Singapore for Aden again
    1968-sep-20DeploymentExercise Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 13 Oct with 848 Squadron embarked.
    1968-novDeploymentOperation Charlotte deployed off Cambodia to prevent arms smuggling.
    1969-augRefitRefit until c Feb 1970
    1970-marAircraftembarked Wessex HU.5 of 848 Sq for post-refit work up.
    1971-febAircraftdisembarked Wessex of 845 Sq in mid Feb (following participation in Exercise Clockwork 71 in the Lofoten Islands), before returned to HMNB Portsmouth.
    1971-marDeploymentdeparted HMNB Portsmouth for 9 month Far East and South Pacific deployment, staging around Singapore. Returned to Portsmouth on 24 Jan 1972.
    1971-marAircraftembarked 12 Wessex of 848 Sq near end of Mar, some in HMNB Portsmouth and some en route near Portland. 848 NAS disembarked to HMS Simbang on 22 May
    1971-jul-1Port VisitVisited Kobe, Japan during Far East deployment, departed on 8 Jul.
    1971-aug-9Port VisitAUFremantle Harbour Visited Fremantle, Australia during Far East deployment, departed on 17 Aug.
    1971-oct-29AircraftSGSembawang naval base Withdrawal from Singapore re-embarked 848 NAS from HMS Simbang after they had flown past during the bases handover ceremony, then to Masirah (and 40 CDO RM to be dropped at Gan), prior to departing for the Indian Ocean. 848 NAS disembarked in the UK to RNAS Culdrose, on 20 Jan 1972.
    1971-nov-14Port VisitKEPort Mombasa week visit to Mombasa, with maintenance
    1971-nov-23DeploymentBay of Bengal Indo-Pakistan war contingency stood off East Pakistan (before Bangladesh was formed) in the Bay of Bengal to support British nationals during the conflict. 22 Wessex HU.5 of 848 NAS and 4 Sea King of 826 NAS embarked.
    1971-decAircraftdisembarked 826 Sq Sea King detachment back to HMS Eagle off Durban, after Christmas 1971, before the new year.
    1971-dec-15DeploymentMVGan Anchorage arrived Gan, disembarked 40 Commando RM, (to be flown home for Christmas).
    1971-dec-30Port VisitZASimon Town Naval Dockyard spent New Year in Simonstown, departed 5 Jan 1972
    1972-janRefitfrom late Jan 1972, short refit at HMD Portsmouth until c Mar 1972
    1972-apr-11Deploymentdeparted UK for Mediterranean deployment until 31 May.
    1972-apr-20Deploymentoff Cyprus for exercises, until 29 Apr
    1972-jun-15Aircraftembarked 848 NAS Wessex in Scotland until 5 Jul, for RNAS Culdrose.
    1972-jun-28Port VisitVisited Rotterdam, Netherlands during Northern Waters deployment, departed on 4 Jul.
    1972-julAircraftembarked Wessex HU.5 of 845 Sq, replacing 848 Sq.
    1973-mar-2DecommissionedHMNB Portsmouth at Portsmouth, after paying off on 24 Nov 1972
    1973-julFate: transferedFareham Creek sold to be converted as North Sea hydrocarbon support vessel
    1973-novFate: scrappedproject abandoned by new owners and scrapped at Faslane



        from Modified Centaur class
    23300light (tn)
    27700full load (tn)
    224.90length (m)
    27.40beam (m)
    6.70draught (m)
    29.50max speed (knots)
    4Naval Gun single 40 mm
    2Naval Gun twin 40 mm
    1Naval Radar air direction radar Type 277
    1Naval Radar air search radar Type 960



        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Westland Whirlwind 016
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 016
    UK Royal Marines Westland Sioux 02
    UK Royal Marines SNIA SA341B Gazelle AH.1 06
    UK Royal Marines Westland Scout 03
    UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 04
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    UK Swan Hunter (Wallsend), Wallsend

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