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  • F107 HMS Rothesay

    UK Royal Navy

    1960 to 1988    


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    Flight Deck: RO
    Call Sign: MXRY
    Shipyard: Yarrow


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    History of UK F107 HMS Rothesay

    1955-jun-24Orderedalong with HMS Londonderry
    1956-nov-6Laid down
    1960-apr-23Commissionedinto 20th Frigate Squadron, replacing HMS Undine.
    1960-mayHomeportLondonderry, NI
    1962-mar-21Deploymentin collision with Turkish submarine Gur while under NATO exercise in western Mediterranean.
    1964-jul-16Deploymentdeparted UK for West Indies Guardship deployment, relieving HMS Tartar, returning 11 Jun 1965
    1965-nov-27DeploymentStood off Cayman Brac as part of Hurricane season support
    1966-julRefitReady for Wasp Sea Cat until 1968 at HMD Rosyth to fit Seacat, upgrade electronics and equip for Wasp operations
    1968-augAircraftassigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XS527/462 as Ships Flt until c Oct 1970
    1969-mar-19Deployment Operation Sheepskin ordered to Anguilla, after collecting parts of 2 PARA flown from the UK to the Caribbean. Operated in company with HMS Minerva.
    1970-marDeploymentMozambique Channel Beira Patrol Beira off Mozambique Channel, enforcing UN sanctions.
    1970-apr-17DeploymentApollo 13 splashdown tertiary Apollo 13 recovery Apollo XIII splashdown recovery to waters south of Rio de Janeiro as standby for tertiary splashdown site for Apollo XIII recovery
    1971-janAircraftassigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XS565/462-RO as Ships Flt until c Nov 1971.
    1972-febAircraftassigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT779/462-RO as Ships Flt until at least Jul 1976
    1975-jul-22Deploymentdeparted UK as escort for HMS Glamorgan, flagship of global Task Group 317.3, accompanied by HMS Ajax, HMS Berwick, HMS Plymouth. Support provided by RFA Gold Rover, RFA Tarbatness and RFA Tidespring. Returned 14 Apr 1976
    1977-mar-29Aircraftoff Anvil Point Accident 703 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XS531/504 ditched and sank while attempting to land on, in English Channel.
    1977-jun-25Deployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review (8th Frigate Squadron), off Lee anchorage
    1978Refitmajor refit until 1980
    1980-aprAircraftassigned 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT431/462 as Ships Flt until c Aug 1981.
    1981-mar-2Deployment Armilla Patrol deployed to Mediterranean and Persian Gulf with HMS Newcastle, RFA Fort Grange and RFA Olna. Relieved HMS Apollo, on arrival. Returned to HMNB Rosyth by end of Jul.
    1983-oct-25Port Visitarrived in Singapore as part of Orient Express and remained until late Nov.
    1984-sep-11Refitlife extension refit at Rosyth for 6 months.
    1986-junDeploymentdeparted HMNB Rosyth for South Atlantic to relieve HMS Hermione. Flight commander was Lt G M Zambellas, later to become First Sea Lord (2013-2016).
    1987Refit8 month refit, to equip for use in Dartmouth Training Squadron
    1988-junFate: scrappedsold and scrapped in Santander, Spain



        from Type 12 Rothesay class
    2144light (tn)
    2577full load (tn)
    112.70length (m)
    12.50beam (m)
    5.20draught (m)
    30max speed (knots)
    1Missile Launcher Sea Cat
    2Naval Gun single 20 mm
    2Chaff and decoys Corvus chaff launcher
    1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
    1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 993



        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



    UK Yarrow, Scotstoun

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