L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary

1994 to 2003 - SG Singapore Navy - 206 RSS Perseverance    

1964 to 1989    


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Flight Deck: LN
Call Sign: GMIR


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History of UK L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot

1962-marLaid downShipyard was known as Fairfield at the time
1965-mayDeploymentYEAden Harbour Deployed to Aden, carrying nine Wessex HC.2 for the newly forming 78 Squadron.
1967-febDeploymentDeployed on exercise to Hong Kong from Singapore with HMS Fearless, HMS Loch Fada, HMS Chichester. HMS Albion embarked Royal Marines from 3 CDO BGE Transport and composite troop and others
1971-febDeploymentordered to Temeresh area of Pahang state in Malaysia for flood relief operations, with Royal Marines and 847 NAS Wessex HU.5 embarked.
1977-feb-19Collided with Algerian vessel near mouth of Southampton Water
1979-mar-21DeploymentMTGrand Harbour / il-Port il-Kbir / Valletta Embarked Salerno Company, 41 Commando Royal Marines on 29 Mar as almost the final act of the British withdrawal from Malta. RFA Sir Lancelot departed Valetta harbour on 30 Mar.
1982-apr-6Deployment Operation Corporate Departed SMC Marchwood for South Atlantic with a flight of 3CBAS Gazelles embarked. Damaged in air attack on 24 May and repaired locally, leaving theatre 26 Jul 1982.
1989-junDecommissionedsold commercially to South Africa

History of SG 206 RSS Perseverance

1992-octFate: transferedbought by Republic of Singapore Navy
1994-may-5Commissionedin the past, had been UK RFA Sir Lancelot
2003-decDecommissionedsold commercially
2008-marFate: scrappedscrapped in Bangladesh



    from Round Table class
3270light (tn)
5550full load (tn)
125.60length (m)
19.60beam (m)
4.30draught (m)
8000range (nm)
17max speed (knots)
9520power (shp)
2Naval Engine diesel



    Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 03
UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 02
UK Royal Marines SNIA SA341B Gazelle AH.1 03

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



UK Kvaerner (Govan), Govan

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