1979 to 1995    

F88 HMS Broadsword

UK Royal Navy

1995 to 2021 - BR Brazilian Navy - Greenhalgh class F46 Greenhalgh    

Flight Deck: BW
Call Sign: GUUS
Shipyard: Yarrow


History of UK HMS Broadsword F88

1975-feb-07Laid downLaid down Yard No 1016
1979-may-15AircraftAircraft HMD Devonport noted 829 Sq Lynx HAS.2 XZ246/320-AZ Amazon Flt, conducting deck landings, inside HMNB Devonport
1982-janAircraftAircraft assigned Lynx HAS.2 815 NAS Broadsword Flt XZ736 / 346-BW from Jan 1982 until mid Apr 1982
1982-apr-08DeploymentDeployment Operation Corporate Departed Gibraltar for South Atlantic, to join CV Battle Group. Left theatre 4 Jul 1982, in company with HMS Hermes and returned to HMNB Devonport on 23 Jul.
1987-may-17DeploymentDeployment Persian Gulf (31) USS Stark Armilla Patrol rendered assistance to USS Stark after it had been badly damaged by Exocet missile strikes.
1993-janDeploymentDeployment HR Dalmatian coast UNPROFOR escort for HMS Ark Royal in the Adriatic. Relieved by HMS Brilliant c Mar 1993.
1993-marAircraftAircraft Lynx HAS.3 XZ694 assigned as Broadsword Flt / 347-BW. /346-BW by Aug 1993 until c Mar 1994.
1995-jun-30Fate: transferedFate: transfered to Marinha do Brasil as BNS Greenhalgh

History of Greenhalgh class BR Greenhalgh F46

1995-jun-30CommissionedCommissioned ex UK RN HMS Broadsword
2012Port VisitPort Visit US NAS Key West tied up alongside HMS Dauntless at NS Key West
2014-janDeploymentDeployment Operation Aspirantex 2014 engaged in Operation Aspirantex 2014 with Naval units from Argentina and Uruguay.
2014-feb-01Port VisitPort Visit BR Porto de Paranagua Ship open to visitors at Paranagu√°.
2017-dec-09Port VisitPort Visit BR Porto de Santos Present for Navy Week at Porto de Santos, with auxiliary NT Almirante Gast√£o Motta.
2021-augDecommissionedDecommissioned Decommissioned.

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Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class
3500light (tn)
4400full load (tn)
131.10length (m)
14.80beam (m)
6.10draught (m)
4500range (nm)
30max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Tyne
2Naval Engine propulsion system: COGOG

4Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher
2Missile Launcher Sea Wolf

4Chaff and decoys Seagnat
1Chaff and decoys towed decoy Type 182

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 967
1Naval Radar surface search radar Type 968
2Naval Radar fire direction radar Type 910
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 1006
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 2016

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 12
UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 01


UK Yarrow, Scotstoun

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