F46 Greenhalgh

BR Brazilian Navy

1979 to 1995 - UK Royal Navy - Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F88 HMS Broadsword    

1995 to present    

F46 Greenhalgh


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Flight Deck:
Call Sign: PWGH


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History of UK Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F88 HMS Broadsword

1975-feb-7Laid down
1979-may-15AircraftUKHMD Devonport noted 829 Sq Lynx HAS.2 XZ246/320-AZ Amazon Flt, conducting deck landings, inside HMNB Devonport
1982-janAircraftassigned Lynx HAS.2 815 NAS Broadsword Flt XZ736 / 346-BW from Jan 1982 until mid Apr 1982
1982-apr-8Deployment Operation Corporate Departed Gibraltar for South Atlantic, to join CV Battle Group. Left theatre 4 Jul 1982, in company with HMS Hermes and returned to HMNB Devonport on 23 Jul.
1987-may-17DeploymentPersian Gulf (31) USS Stark Armilla Patrol rendered assistance to USS Stark after it had been badly damaged by Exocet missile strikes.
1993-janDeploymentHRDalmatian coast UNPROFOR escort for HMS Ark Royal in the Adriatic. Relieved by HMS Brilliant c Mar 1993.
1993-marAircraftLynx HAS.3 XZ694 assigned as Broadsword Flt / 347-BW. /346-BW by Aug 1993 until c Mar 1994.
1995-jun-30Fate: transferedto Marinha do Brasil as BNS Greenhalgh

History of BR F46 Greenhalgh

1995-jun-30Commissionedex UK RN HMS Broadsword



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BR Brazilian Navy Westland Super Lynx mk21a 12

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