L9015 Dixmude

FR French Navy

2011 to present    

L9015 Dixmude


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History of FR L9015 Dixmude

2010-janLaid down
2014-feb-8AircraftToulon Harbour US Marine MV-22 Osprey lands on french warship for first time
2016-apr-10NEWS UKRAF Leeming UK-French Griffin Strike Amphibious Exercise
2017-jun-21NEWS West Mediterranean Camcopter S-100 Qualification Flights on Dixmude
2018-feb-27Deploymentdeparted Toulon for 5 month Pacific deployment, including 2 Wildcat from 847 NAS (ZZ410 and ZZ389) embarked. Significantly, this included a passage through the South China Sea.
2018-feb-27NEWS Wildcat Embark on French Ship for Pacific Deployment
2018-apr-13MYKD Rajawali, Lumut Naval Base in Malaysia during Jeanne d’Arc exercise deployment
2018-apr-22Port VisitIDTanjung Priok 3 day visit to Jakarta, in company with HMS Albion and FS Surcouf. Departed 25 Apr.
2018-jul-18NEWS Royal Navy Wildcats Returned from French Mission
2018-oct-17Aircraftaccident 130 km off Dunkirk, NH90 1332 accident
2019-jan-22NEWS French Navy Received Another S-100 Drone
2019-nov-21NEWS Camcopter Operational on French Carrier Dixmude



    from Mistral class
16500light (tn)
21300full load (tn)
199length (m)
32beam (m)
6.30draught (m)
12675range (nm)
18max speed (knots)
20400power (shp)
4Naval Engine diesel
2Naval Engine electric motors
2Missile Launcher Simbad twin launcher
2Naval Gun single 30 mm



    Typical Max
FR French Army Light Aviation NHI NH90 TTH 160
FR French Army Light Aviation EC Tiger / Tigre 09

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



FR DCNS - Brest,

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