F253 TCG Zafer

TR Turkish Navy

1973 to 1993 - US US Navy - FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart    

1993 to 2014    


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Flight Deck:
Call Sign: TBOD
See Also: DD Allen M. Sumner class D356


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History of US FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart

1971-oct-8Laid down
1973-jul-28Commissionedas DE-1092
1975-jun-30reclassified as FF-1092
1980-decAircraftPictured with Seasprite 150146 about to land
1993-aug-30Fate: transferedto Turkey as F253 TCG Zafer

History of TR F253 TCG Zafer

2011LYLibyan coast took part NATO Unified Protector against Lybia
2016-jun-10Fate: sunkDecommissioned from the Turkish Navy and sunk as a target



    from Knox class
4260full load (tn)
134length (m)
14.25beam (m)
7.54draught (m)
28max speed (knots)
35000power (shp)
2Naval Engine boilers
1Naval Engine steam turbines
1Missile Launcher Mk 25 8-cell Sea Sparrow
1Naval Gun Mark 42 5/54 inch (127mm)
1Torpedo Launchers Mk 16 8-cell ASROC
4Torpedo Launchers single tube 324 mm
1Naval Radar air search radar AN/SPS-40
1Naval Radar surface search radar AN/SPS-67
1Sonar hull mounted sonar AN/SQS-26
1Sonar towed array sonar AN/SQR-18



    Typical Max
TR Turkish Navy Agusta AB212 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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