What You Need to Know Before You Board a Helicopter for the First Time

One of the fast-rising recreational activities is a helicopter flight. A helicopter flight is a great recreational activity to look forward to for everyone; it really does not matter if you have boarded a plane dozens of times, a helicopter flight is a totally different experience. If you are planning to go for your first helicopter flight, there are a few things that you need to know which will ensure that you get the most rewarding experience. Below, we highlight these boarding essentials but before that, you need to note that you can play profitable slots games if you want to raise some extra cash for your helicopter flight.

boarding a helicopter

What to Wear

Before you go to board the helicopter, it’s important that you first check what you are putting on. What you wear plays a huge role in determining the experience you will get and also, what you wear can play a huge role in your own personal security. For comfort, it’s advisable that you take both light and heavy layer clothing. Once you reach the skies, there will be some temperature changes and as such, you will have the freedom to put on clothing which corresponds to the present temperature pattern. If you want to capture the best moments while in the skies, it’s best if you put on dark clothes. The reason simply being that if you put on light clothes, they will reflect against the helicopter windows thereby affecting picture quality. It’s best to wear fitted clothing as loose clothes may blow away (sometimes blowing up into the motors!). For safety reasons, it’s best if you drop high heels, flip flops and sandals and go for flat shoes.

Essentials to Carry

It’s not every day that you board a helicopter and as such, you need to ensure that you carry with yourself some essentials which will help you enjoy the flight to the fullest and also essentials that will help you capture the best moments. Must carry essentials for your helicopter flight include personal particulars (an ID will do), sunglasses for protecting your eyes from glare, sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun as helicopter windows will not be able to do this, camera to capture the best views (smartphone switched to Flight Mode can do also), ear defenders as the flight may be noisy motion sickness medication if you suffer from motion sickness.

What You Need To Leave Back At Home

In as much as there are essentials that you need to carry when boarding a helicopter, there are also other items that are best left at home if you are going for a helicopter flight. First of all, it’s advisable to leave your hat or visors back at home. Hats really have no purpose high up in the sky and they pose a huge danger if they are blown up and end up in the rotor system. The same goes for scarves and jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces. For ladies, you can also leave your handbag just for these few moments as a heavy bag will unnecessarily increase the weight in the cabin.

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