Interesting Facts About Helicopters

Helicopters are every little boys dream to be in and many girls have had the opportunity to fly their own private helicopters. So what makes this piece of machinery such an attraction? What has put ‘flying in a helicopter’ right up there with winning cash from the best online casino? We take a look at some rather interesting facts about helicopters which add to their appeal.

1. Army Officer Hugh Thompson –The Helicopter Hero

The tale is told of an army officer who prevented the deaths of hundreds of women and children in the war when he would land his helicopter in front of groups of American soldiers threatening to open fire should they attempt to bring harm to the Vietnamese people.

2. The White House Incident

In 1974 a bizarre news headline emerged involving a U.S soldier who was reportedly sentenced to a year in prison after he stole a helicopter and flew to the Whitehouse only to hover over the building and then be shot down.

3. Bill Gates and His Money

One of the richest men in the world did something incredibly romantic for his bride to be. On his wedding day he charted out all the helicopters so none would fly and interrupt their day.

4. What Holds Everything Together

There is a blot, referred to as the Jesus nut. This is because it is so powerful and is the single thing holding the rotor blades of a helicopter together, it is the only thing that if should fail, would result in a crash.

5. Cherries For All

Helicopters are used to farm cherries by drying them out after rains. Should cherries absorb too much water, they explode. So you could think of helicopters as gigantic hair dryers for cherry farmers.

6. Diamonds for Death

There is a diamond mine, although inactive, so deep that should a helicopter be hovering overhead and a downward airflow occurs, the helicopter would be sucked into the hole, resulting in a crash. This mine is located in Russia.

7. Flew the Coupe

It has been said that back in 1986, a very devoted French wife taught herself how to operate and fly a helicopter. She then rented one and flew over a prison where her husband was waiting for her on the roof. Michel Vaujour was a bank robber who had planned the prison escape with his wife. She had taken months to learn and study how a helicopter operates in order to break her husband out of prison. This is not the only prison escape where a helicopter was the means of transportation to get the prisoners out.

8. Mount Everest

One man was thought to have gotten lucky by landing his helicopter on the summit of Mount Everest. Upon hearing many though him to be lucky, he decided to redo the show only two days later, proving his skill and his ambition to all who witnessed the occurrence.

It would appear helicopters have been playing a massive part in creating some of the oddest history in time.

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