Vegas Casinos That Used to Have Helipads

Las Vegas used to be the gambling capital of the world, in recent years it has fallen behind Macau and Singapore, but that doesn’t mean that VIP gamblers don’t visit Sin City anymore. On the contrary, Vegas has shifted its approach and is more entertainment-oriented these days. It tries to make itself more attractive in other ways and provide more content to players of all bet sizes.

However, it’s a fact that high-rollers come to play. If they wanted to take in a show, they can afford to go wherever. Big stakes are what they’re after. Which is why Macau took over Vegas’ title. But, in recent years digital gambling platforms have emerged as a new contender.

If you like everyone else these days are too lazy to walk to a real-life establishment to do some gambling, maybe you should try out a casino online? On your phone, from your home. It’s fast, and convenient. Plus, these platforms offer an unmatched selection of games ranging from your favorite table games and all their variations to thousands of slots. And, you get perks such as free spin rounds, bonus mini-games, the chance to land multiple progressive jackpots, and participate in global live tournaments with huge prize pools.

Nevertheless, VIP guests prefer to sit at a table and bet amounts you couldn’t at an online casino. Their time is money, which is why they want to travel by helicopter. They want to land at their favorite casino, gamble and leave. But how many Vegas casinos even have/had helipads?

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

According to a spokeswoman working for MGM Resorts International, a previous owner of the Mandalay Resorts Group had installed a helipad on the south-east corner of the roof of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. This pad was for his use and convenience and it proved to be an unwise move as it was demolished and removed upon request from the FAA. People working at the hotel have stated that no helicopters land there anymore..

Circus Circus

If you didn’t know, this is the largest permanent big top in the world, one that opened its doors in 1968. Eleven years after, it activated a heliport behind where its indoor amusement park – Adventuredome, is now. Many believe that this was done because Mel Larson, the marketing director, was a pilot.

Though, there is no evidence that the heliport is still there, it’s listed as active by the FAA. It’s thought that it was built over to make way for parking lots in 1993. Recently, the whole complex was purchased by mogul Phil Ruffin.

Stardust Casino and Hacienda Casino

Sadly, both of these venues are no more. The Stardust opened in 1958, and it closed off is 48 year-run in 2006. It was demolished a few months after it shut down, by way of an implosion. The Hacienda had a shorter lifespan, as it debuted two years before the Stardust, but it also closed ten years before it. It’s now buried beneath the south-east wing of the Mandalay Bay.

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