Types of Powerful Military Helicopters

military helicopters

Helicopters are one of the most versatile weapons nowadays. No matter whether its peace or war, helicopters play a big role in making peace and starting a war. Since the early days of its development in the 30s, they became an integral part of the World War II operations. Their main advantage over other weapons is flexibility, something that other, less powerful weapons, are lacking. Thanks to their rotors, they can make vertical spin-offs and landing. Helicopters have the capability to fly in all directions. These are the things that make them so much useful both in the past and in the nowadays’ world.

Military Helicopters

There are various types of helicopters suitable for different purposes. They are all specifically designed having their purpose in mind. They have all these extra features to fit the specific purpose of the designer to perform various functions. The new modern era has introduced words like “Black Hawk” and “Chinook” helicopters. Each of them is characterized by their main function and are named by the military designation system. They are all designed by different military designation systems.

For example, the US military aerospace vehicles are designed by the Mission- Design Series designation system (MDS). The vehicle number for these helicopters is H. A second symbol exists as well for some basic missions, such as the letter A that stands for ground attacks. There are other military symbols engraved on helicopters like series letters, block numbers, design numbers, status prefixes, and others. Aviation enthusiasts are already familiar with all of these things while they also know a thing or two about military helicopters and their purpose in the world. Here are some of the most powerful military helicopters in the world and their specific purpose in the military world.

Attack Helicopters

Attack Helicopters, also known as helicopter gunship, are military helicopters with the purpose to fire on the enemy. As the name suggests, these helicopters are used to attack the enemy. Having in mind their specific purpose, these helicopters can reach high speeds and are well-equipped with various weaponry, including guns, auto-cannons, and missiles. Attack Helicopters are equipped with an advanced radar that helps them reach the enemy targets and it also guides them to the projectiles.

Super Cobra
These helicopters are well-designed to survive the enemy’s attacks, as well as destroy the enemy’s tanks and vehicles. They act as a kind of air support to ground troops and other aircraft. The Marine Corps’ main attack helicopter is the AH-1 W Super Cobra, which is manufactured by the Bell Helicopter. This helicopter is an attack helicopter that derives from the Huey design. Indeed, the helicopter was the first attack helicopter that qualified for both anti-radiation missile and the sidearm. As that’s not enough, the helicopters has some BonusReferrerCode.com that help perform some extra features. For example, this helicopter can also support hellfire missiles.

The helicopter has been operating since 1967 and later it was deployed in Iran’s mission, the so-called Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. The Super Cobra is the main attack helicopter of the USMS ground task force in cases when firepower is needed. Since 1996, the Marine Corps is taking advantage of the Super Cobra. The last delivered helicopter of this kind was back in 1986.

Transport Helicopters

Transport Helicopters are one of the largest helicopters in the world. They are designed to carry heavy objects and vehicles, as well as large groups of troops. Transport helicopters have the high-speed capability. Cargo helicopters also have the capability to move objects. However, transport helicopters offer some extra advantages, such as vertical landing and no-runway take-offs. In such situations, speed is crucial on the battlefield. These helicopters are also well-equipped with special weaponry like rescue hoists and rope lines used for picking up troops.

The most widely-recognizable transport helicopter in the world is the Chinook. The twin-engine helicopter manufactured by Boing is the CH-47 Chinook. It is one of the heaviest helicopters in the Western world and it’s utilized in the Army of the US for troop transport and the army’s supply. The first time Boing starting developing this helicopter was in 1956 and first used in the Vietnamese War. It has been upgraded many times since then, however, it doesn’t mean its use in the army stops here. It’s expected that it will be of use to the Army until 2060.

Other Models
The second iteration of the Chinook series is the Block 2 Chinook. It includes both models, CH-47 F- model and CH-47 G-model. Even though the helicopter is highly technological-advanced, the US Army has announced that they will no longer buy the helicopter and instead buy the 69 G-model Chinook. Among other transportation helicopters is the name of the Super Stallion, a name associated with peacebuilding and building international relations. The helicopter was primarily designed for use in the Marine Corps.

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