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Musee de l'Aviation

Saint Victoret,France

Sud-Ouest SO.1221 Djinn c/n 01 serial F-WGVH

Aerospatiale SE.3130 Alouette II c/n 1550 F-GATQ

Aerospatiale SE.3160 Alouette III c/n 1435 Securite Civile F-ZBDC

Aerospatiale SA.316B Alouette III c/n 1692 ALAT 1692

Aerospatiale SA.316B Alouette III c/n 1749 Securite Civile F-ZBDG

Aerospatiale SA.341F Gazelle c/n 1387 ALAT 1387/BDE

Aerospatiale SA.342L Gazelle c/n 1874 Cameroon Air Force TJ-XBF

Aerospatiale AS.332L2 Super Puma c/n and serial unknown

Aerospatiale Ecureuil c/n and serial unknown

Eurocopter EC.155 c/n and serial unknown

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