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Thursday , September 30, 1999:

Groen Brothers Aviation's First Flight of the Hawk 4 Gyroplane

BUCKEYE, Arizona, USA ( Groen Brothers Company Press Release ) --Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. announced today the maiden flight of their first production gyroplane.

The first flight of the Hawk 4, at GBA's Flight Operations Facility in Buckeye, Arizona, follows a thirteen year development program. GBA has built and flown three prior Hawk prototypes, including the Hawk H2X, which in 1997 accomplished high density altitude vertical (no roll) take offs.

The Hawk gyroplane is included by the FAA in the ``rotorcraft'' category with helicopter. However, the Hawk is mechanically much simpler and safer to fly than a helicopter. It is also much less expensive to maintain than a helicopter of similar performance.

Because the Hawk 4 can take off and land vertically, most of the jobs requiring a helicopter can be accomplished by a safer, less expensive aircraft.

The Hawk 4 began its FAA Type Certification process in March, 1998. Completion of the certification process and delivery of aircraft is expected to begin in the spring of 2001. GBA is currently establishing a USA Dealership Program and has taken deposits on more than 120 Hawk 4s, representing sales of more than $36 million.

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