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Wednesday September 20, 2000

Cubic-ICE Team to Provide British Attack Helicopter Training System

SAN DIEGO, California, USA ( Cubic-ICE Press Release ) - The Cubic Defense Systems/Inter-Coastal Electronics (Cubic-ICE) team has been selected to supply a high-fidelity attack helicopter live combat training system for the British Army.

Cubic Defense Systems is a subsidiary of San Diego-based Cubic Corp. Inter-Coastal Electronics is located in Mesa, Ariz.

The contract, awarded by GKN Westland Helicopters Ltd. on behalf of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, will provide the first attack helicopter live training system outside the U.S. and give the British Army a capability for combined arms collective training involving the Apache AH MK 1 Army Helicopter. The contract comes after the team successfully completed a six-month risk reduction program, which validated the viability of the collective training system. The new contract brings the total amount awarded to the Cubic-ICE team to $27 million.

Cubic is already under a separate contract with the UK Ministry of Defense to deliver two combined arms combat training centers for the UK armed forces under the $130 million Area Weapons Effects Simulator (AWES) contract awarded three years ago. Inter-Coastal Electronics is under contract to the US DOD to provide a Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) for US Army Aviation units; similar to this UK Apache Home Station Collective Training System.

``The new system, when combined with the two Area Weapons Effect Simulator (AWES) combat training systems, will create a unique integrated training battle space for the British forces,'' said Bruce Roberts, president, Cubic Defense Systems. ``We are proud to be able to provide a system that will be expandable, allowing tactical engagement simulation interoperability long sought after by British commanders.''

The new contract includes continuation of system engineering and integration of electronics and software, which began early in the year. The Cubic-ICE training system will use realistic weapons effects simulations, allowing Apache AH MK 1 Army Helicopter attack helicopter aircrews to fly training missions, using the range of offensive and defensive systems, against representative targets, deployed within a portable instrumentation range. The system will provide technology allowing real-time exercise monitoring and after-action review for combat helicopter training. Using state-of-the art interoperability enhancements, the system ultimately will satisfy combined arms collective training objectives.

Cubic Defense Systems is the world leader in design, manufacture and installation of instrumented air and ground training ranges. The company has successfully delivered more instrumented combat training systems than any other company in the world.

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