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Monday February 7, 2000

Brantly Sales Best Ever Start for New Year

VERNON, TX, USA ( Brantly Company Press Release) - Brantly International, located at Wilbarger County Airport, Vernon, TX, announced this morning they had completed negotiations to lease two Brantly B-2B helicopters to Summit Aviation in Temple, Texas with expected delivery in four to six weeks.

Cy Russum, Vice President of Brantly International, described Summit as a "full-service" aviation company offering a variety of services for both fixed wing and helicopters ranging from initial student pilot training to avionics repair and wildlife management.

Russum described placing the helicopters with Summit as an important step in Brantly International's efforts to re-establish the B-2B helicopter in the market place due to Summit Aviation's active and growing flight school as well as the demographics of the Temple area. Russum said that both parties were pleased with the lease arrangement and both see additional areas where they can work together. He said that negotiations in these other areas are ongoing and announcements would be made as agreements are finalized.

Brantly International also announced the recent sale of four Brantly B-2B helicopters to the China General Aviation Corporation. This newly formed corporation will provide aviation services throughout China. These four helicopters are being readied for shipment by the beginning of March and are the reason for the extended delivery of the two helicopters to Summit Aviation.

The recent sales activity marks the best ever start to a new year for Brantly International, and the shipment of six helicopters in a single month is a record for the company. Russum indicated he is quite pleased with the company's performance and the reception the Brantly B-2B is receiving as they exhibit it at air shows such as Heli Expo recently held in Las Vegas, NV. Russum said that the company will be displaying its helicopter at the upcoming Sun-N-Fun air show in Lakeland, FL, April 9-15 and at AirVenture 2000 in Oshkosh, WI, July 26-Aug 1.

Brantly International Inc. is a privately held company with both the head office and the factory co-located in Vernon, Texas. We manufacture the B-2B model helicopter and the spare parts needed to maintain a growing fleet of Brantly helicopters. The factory's facilities were built in 1989 for the single purpose of producing Brantly helicopters. Our product is 100% made in the USA, and our entire Brantly team is proud to be an active member of our local community.

Mr. Newby O. Brantly designed the B-2 model helicopter around 1953. The FAA granted the type certificate in 1959. Further improvements on this design led to, in 1963, the B-2B. The B-2B is the lowest priced three bladed, fully certified helicopter in the world. No other rotorcraft has the Brantly-designed outboard hinge on the main rotor blade that produces such an exceptionally smooth ride for a small helicopter.

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