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Tuesday, February 22, 2000:

Elbit Systems Launches MANVIS - New Integrated Digital Map System for Helicopters

HAIFA, Israel ( Elbit Systems Press Release ) - Elbit Systems Ltd., presenting at Asian Aerospace 2000, the 10th Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in Singapore, announced today the launching of MANVIS - a new system developed by the Company. MANVIS is a Digital Map System for military and commercial helicopters and is integrated into ANVIS/HUD, Elbit Systems' Aviators Night Vision Imaging System/Head Up Display.

MANVIS uses the ANVIS/HUD computer to generate complete Digital Moving Map functions, based on data provided by the helicopter's navigation system and controlled by real-time demands of the pilot. The MANVIS system displays the selected navigation course, obstacles, threats, topographic data, aerial and satellite photos. All data is prioritized and presented according to the requirements of the current mission, thus reducing pilot's workload. The Map can be displayed on a Color Multi-Function Display mounted in the helicopter's instrument panel, or on a hand-held, laptop-type display. The MANVIS system can be fully integrated into any type of helicopter, or installed as an ``add-on'' kit on helicopters already equipped with ANVIS/HUD.

Elbit Systems is a leading supplier of helmet mounted systems and digital maps for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and ground vehicles. Over 3000 ANVIS/HUD systems have been supplied to various customers worldwide, including the U.S. Army, the Israel Air Force (``IAF'') and others. Elbit Systems' digital maps are installed on the IAF CH-53-2000 helicopters, the U.S. Navy V-22 Osprey and other platforms.

Elbit Systems is engaged in a wide range of defense-related airborne, ground and command, control and communications programs throughout the world. It focuses on upgrading of existing military platforms and developing new technologies for defense applications.