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  • 22 Sep 2000 : A. Samusenko Elected Chief Designer Mil Helicopter Plant Moscow`s Mil helicopter plant hosted on Thursday September 21 a technical conference. The meeting elected Alexey Samusenko new chief designer. In his mission statement, new chief designer highlighted the status of the national helicopter building and proposed a specific plan for developing the Mil helicopter plant, a spokesman for Mil told AVIA.RU today.

  • 22 Sep 2000 : Mil, Rosvertol Promote Cooperation Leonid Zapolsky, Director Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant and Boris Slyusar, Director Rosvertol met on Thursday September 21 to review opportunities for cooperation in the framework of the agreement made at the previous meeting of Russian helicopter makers, a spokesman for Mil told to AVIA.RU today. The meeting considered further plans for integrating activities of MIL design bureau and local MI helicopter makers.

  • 20 Sep 2000 : Russian Helicopter Maker Merger Proves Efficient The merger of the Russian helicopter makers that started with the signing of an agreement between the Moscow`s Mil helicopter plant and Rosvertol JS stated to prove effective. Two more companies came into the merger the Kazan helicopter plant and Ulan-Ude aviation plant. After that a statement was made that the order set for 2001 for the product of the merger enterprise MI helicopters will boost 60 percent up to 80 aircraft. The result was achieved only due to the unified holding, said Denis Mansurov, commercial manager of the Mil plant. The chiefs of Russia`s four leading helicopter companies decided on August 18 to set up a co-ordination group that would unite the efforts of the designers and serial producers of the MI choppers. This will include their modernisation and creation of new types of aircraft. The full agreement will be signed late in September.

  • 19 Sep 2000 : Mil Holds Meeting with Creditors Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant held on September 14 a meeting with the company`s creditors. The overwhelming majority of creditors approved the progress report presented by Mil`s receivership administrator Leonid Zapolsky. The meeting elected new members in the creditor committee, which was lead by Mil`s largest creditor, Mezhregionalny Investment Bank /MIB/. The bank was involved in financing of Russia`s military-industrial complex. The MIB asked creadiors to consider possible restructuring of Mil`s debts and review opportunities for establishing a ``vertically integrated`` holding company. Russia`s Government was expected to hold a stake in such holding company. Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant was established in 1947. It became the world leading rotorcraft designer. The plant designed and manufactured 15 types of military and civil helicopters, which gave birth to 200 various modifications. Mil produced nearly 32 thousand MI helicopters.

  • 8 Sep 2000 : The Indonesian Navy is planning to buy four MI-17 personnel carrier helicopters from Russia , Navy Chief Admiral Achmad Sucipto said. ``In the near future, the Indonesian navy will be equipped with four MI-17 helicopters that will be capable of carrying 24 marines from a warship,`` Antara news agency Thursday quoted Sucipto as saying. The navy chief said Wednesday in Surabaya, East Java, that the purchase of the four helicopters would be funded by export credits in the navy budget`s routine expenditures, but did not say what the price tag was. He said the helicopters would greatly enhance the mobility of the marines and would match that of similar units in neighboring countries. With the greater mobility, incidents in remote and difficult areas could be quickly handled and prevented from spreading, Sucipto added. /XINHUA/

  • 6 Sep 2000 : Mil to Attend Africa Aerospace & Defense 2000 In addition to participating in Gelenzhik HydroAir Show, Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant is attending Africa Aerospace & Defense 2000 held on September 5-9, 2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mil attends this event together with delegations of Kazan Helicopter Plant and JSC Rosvertol. The main purpose of Mil`s participation in the exhibit is to promote Mi-17 and Mi-24/35 helicopters in the african markets.

  • 31 Aug 2000 : Mil Helicopter Plant to Attend 26th European Helicopter Forum The 26th European Helicopter Forum will take place on September 26-29 in Hague, Holland. This annual conference provides a forum for discussion of issues related to modern helicopter building. The forum attendees represent the world leading helicopter makers, educational institutions and research organizations. Moscow`s Mil helicopter plant plans to attend the forum this year. Mil will present two reports dedicated to design of new light piston-engine helicopters.

  • 29 Aug 2000 : Chad Military Delegation Visits Mil Helicopter Plant Chad Republic`s military delegation visited on Friday August 25, 2000 Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant, a spokesman for Mil told AVIA.RU today. According to the spokesman, the delegation was headed by Defense Minister Gen. Veiding Assi. The delegation also included by Col. Mohamed Takhir Razi, chief of general staff and other top-ranking military officials.

  • 25 Aug 2000 : Mi-28NE to challenge South Korean contest The Mi-28NE (night-export) helicopter will participate in the South Korean AAH (Army Attack Helicopter) contest alongside with "Apache", AN-1Z, and Ka-50-2. This was reported by the official OKB Mil spokesman earlier this day. The approximate price of a single Mi-28N on world market is estimated to be around 15-17 million dollars. Serial production line is being prepared at "Rostvertol" corporation.

  • 25 Aug 2000 : Mil Implemented ISO 9001 Quality Certificate JSC Mil Helicopter Plant has implemented a product qualitiy certificate meeting ISO 9001, a spokesman for Mil told to AVIA.RU today. The ISO 9001 standard envisages uniformity of helicopter equipment in full compliance with international requirements. Besides, compliance with ISO 9001 means an international endorsement of Mil helicopters` quality, which will definately raise competitiveness of Russian `Mi` helicopters in the international market.

  • 23 Aug 2000 : Mil To Slash Subsidiaries The Moscow`s Mil Helicopter Plant Administration decided to dismiss dozens of subsidiary companies, established by the Company in the past. The cash-strapped helicopter maker that is currently under receivership administration scambles to get rid of ventures, which no longer considered profitable. In the end, Mil aims to leave between 4 and 6 subsidiaries that are involved in the joint Mi helicopter programs with its parent company.

  • 22 Aug 2000 : Mil, AvtoVaz Completed Designing Mi-52 Helicopter JSC Mil Helicopter Plant and AvtoVas completed designing a new light multipurpose Mi-52 helicopter, nicknamed ``Snegir``. According to a spokesman for Mil, the new helicopter is designed for corporate transportation, cargo delivery, pilot training, aerial patrolling, sanitary and rescue operations. The five-seat helicopter will be built in two modifications a single engine Mi-52-1 and two engine Mi-52-2 helicopters. Mi-52 helicopter will use a unique rotor-piston engine, produced by JSC AvtoVaz. A single engine modification will use a 270 l/s thrust engine, while the two-engine version will be fitted with two 180 l/s thrust engines. The new helicopter is capable of carrying four passengers or 320 kilograms at the distance of 800 kilometers without refuelling. Mi-52 is aimed to comply with FAR-27 certification requirements. Provided the appropriate funding is available, Mi-52 will make its first maiden flight in two years. The helicopter`s basic price tag is 300 thousand US dollars.

  • 18 Aug 2000 : Russian Helicopter Makers Meet Chiefs of Russia`s leading helicopter plants met on Thursday, August 17 to agree on the common approach to development, production, sale and maintenance of `Mi` helicopters, a spokesman for Mil told to AVIA.RU. The meeting was attended by Leonid Zapolsky, Receivership Manager Mil Helicopter Plant, Alexander Lavrentyev, Director General Kazan Helicopter Plant, Boris Syusar, Director General Rosvertol and Leonid Belykh, Director General Ulan Ude Helicopter Plant. The meeting agreed to establish a coordinating group to hammer out principles of further relations between `MI` helicopter designer and helicopter makers and prepare a large-scale cooperation agreement for signing in mid-September. The spokesman also said that Mil Helicopter Plant cancelled the enplanned presentation of the new Mi-24PN helicopter due to the tragic disaster of Russian submarin Kursk at Barents Sea. The new dates will be communicated additionally. Mil Helicopter Plant To Participate in Gelenzhik Hydro Air Show

  • 17 Aug 2000 : Moscow Helicopter Plant will participate in the third international hydroaviation airshow and conference to be held on September 6-10, 2000 at Beriev test range in Gelenzhik. The exhibition will feature Mil`s Mi-17SH and Mi-34S. Also there will be a stand highlighting helicopters produced by Mil Rosvertol and Ulan-Ude plant. The airshow organizing committee is inviting military attaches of foreign states accredited in Russia to participate in the airshow.

  • 11 Aug 2000 : Mil Receivership Administration Extended for Six Months Moscow`s Arbitration Court recently reviewed a progress report presented by Mil helicopter plant`s receivership administration, a spokesman for Mil told AVIA.RU. The Court recognized the efforts made by receivership managers to improve the plant`s financial state and agreed to extend the receivership for another six months.

  • 9 Aug 2000 : MIL to Report on Receivership Administration Progress Moscow`s Mil Helicopter /MVZ/ plant Receivership Administrator Leonid Zapolsky will report on Thursday August 10 the progress of the receivership program at Moscow Arbitration Court. Since the court appointed the receivership administration, the MIL plant reviewed its financial activities and took decisive remedial actions to rectify the situation. As result, during the four months of receivership administration, the plant repaid all salary arrears and started accumulating funds to settle debts to its creditors. In the meantime, Mil scrambled increasing utilization of its production capacity. The current order portfolio allows the plant regularly paying salaries /average salary was 3200 rubles as of July/, taxes to the state budget and other appropriations to non-budgetary funds. Mil sees the return of its highly qualified employees, who earlier abandoned the cash-strapped plant to work at commercial firms. During the summary period, Mil also resumed research & de! velopment activities and experimental work to design new civil and military rotorcraft, exclusively using domestically produced equipment and material. The plant administration is committed to maintain consistency with the traditions laid down by the plant founder Mikhail Mil, keeping track of all latest developments in the world rotorcraft building. The receivership administration is being closely monitored by the Russian Aerospace Agency and Federal Financial Rehabilitation Authority, which tasked the receivership administrator to hammer out a program that by the end of the receivership would allow the plant maintaining the stake of foreign shareholders in the plant at the 20% level. Further, Mil is making efforts to harmonize all production lines producing Mi helicopters such as Kazan, Ulan-Ude and Rostov plants in a ``vertically integrated`` holding company to carry out common policies in the field of rotorcraft design, modernization, sales and maintenance. Mi helicopters ! currently account for 17-25 % of the world`s helicopter fleet. Certain large aerospace companies often lure customers to obtain profitable contracts for modernization of Mi helicopters operated by many countries. Mil considers a course of action to discontinue this activity. The sale of Mi helicopters represent a major source of revenues generated from the procurements of aviation equipment. While MVZ continues leveling off its financial state, certain commercial circles are scrambling to get a grasp at helicopter makers, driving them out of the state control. MVZ is determined to stay on the chosen development path and disallow such circles influencing its performance.

  • 7 Aug 2000 : Mil to Harmonize Mil Helicopter Makers In mid-August Moscow`s Mil helicopter plant will hold a meeting with general directors of other helicopter plants, which produce Mi rotocraft. The list of attendees include Alexander Laveretyev of KVZ, Boris Slyusar of Rosvertol and Leonid Belykh of UUAZ. The purpose of the meeting is to harmonize approaches to development, production, sales and maintenance of Mil-designed helicopters. In the meantime, Leonid Zapolskiy, head of Moscow Mil plant and Boris Slyusar Director General JSC Rosvertol has already signed a long-term cooperation agreement aimed to jointly produce and upgrade Mi-24/MI-35 /V, P, VM/ and Mi-26 /T, TS, M/ helicoptes. Under the agreement, the two plants will also design a new Mi-34M helicopter and other modifications. In addition, the both helicopter makers agreed to collectively promote their product in the domestic and international markets as well as implement various commercial, financial and operational programs and projects. Source Mil Helicopter Plant

  • 3 Aug 2000 : Mil Helicopter Plant Swaps Creditors The Vostok-Zapad bank, Mil helicopter plant`s largest creditor, which owned 49 % of the company`s accumulated debts, transferred the plant`s promissory notes to Mezhregionalny Investitsiony Bank /MIB/, a spokesman for Mil told AVIA.RU today. The transfer of promissory notes was effected in strict compliance with all legal procedures. In the opinion of MIB`s spokesman, the acquisition of Mil`s debts is in line with the bank`s long-term program for investing in Russia`s helicopter-building industry.

  • 21 Jul 2000 : Mi-26 Helicopter Operations Up The operations of Russian Mi-26 heavy helicopters, capable of lifting up to 20 tons of cargo are up again, Alexey Samusenko, deputy general designer said. According to Samusenko, between five and six Mi-26 helicopters are being exploited in the oil & gas industry. Besides, four more Mi-26s were leased to Sierra-Leone. Mi-26 helicopter`s price tag is between 8 and 10 mln US dollars. Rostvertol heli plant has produced nearly 300 such helicopters.

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