Helicopter News Year 2002

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Dec 23: BA609 Tests Set Stage For First Hover Flight
Dec 22: Sikorsky unveils civilian helicopter, 1st in 30 years [S92 FAA certification]
Dec 20: AB139 Begins US Certification Flying
Dec 04: Rolls-Royce Ships 100th Engine for V-22 tilt rotor
Nov 21: Delivery of Last Merlin for UK MoD
Nov 19: Whirlybirds 2003
Nov 08: Osprey Reaches 100-flight hour Mark
Oct 18: MV-22 Aircraft #21 Arrives at Patuxent River
Oct 08: All 5 upgrade H-1 test aircraft flying
Oct 02: MH-60S in its first at-sea rescue by hoist
Sep 25: US Army plans to buy fewer Comanches
Sep 16: Israeli internal-rotor helicopter
Sep 13: Bell 407 Used to Re-Supply US Navy Ships at Sea
Aug 23: Portugal cancels EC 635 contract [+update]
Jul 22: Bell H-1 Program Update
Jul 22: US Army add 15 more TH-67
Jul 15: CV-22 enters Benefield Anechoic Facility
May 29: MV-22 resumes flying, all ok
May 17: First AH-64D delivered to Singapore
May 09: Last dutch Apache delivered
Apr 11: UK Lynx and Sea King blades contract
Apr 03: Apache first production ends
Mar 29: H-1 Flight Test Update
Mar 25: UK Apaches cannot fire missiles ?
Mar 23: US Coast Guard MH-68
Mar 11: Key Programs' Survival in Question
Feb 28: MV-22 resume flight testing [+ update]
Feb 14: Agusta / Bell AB139 program update
Jan 30: UK MoD Approves Future Lynx Funding
Jan 21: Super Lynx 300 for Oman

Latest News

Bell 505 Accessory Offerings

CAE Joins Chinook Team for German Competition

AeroStretcher Gets EASA STC for H135 / EC135

First Flight of Second Marineflieger Sea Lion

First H160 Fuselage in Airbus Albacete

NYC Environmental Protection Police New AW119Kx

UK SAR New Coastguard Facility Opens at Lydd

New Type Certificate for MD530F Glass Cockpit

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