Helicopter News Year 2002

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Dec 23: BA609 Tests Set Stage For First Hover Flight
Dec 22: Sikorsky unveils civilian helicopter, 1st in 30 years [S92 FAA certification]
Dec 20: AB139 Begins US Certification Flying
Dec 04: Rolls-Royce Ships 100th Engine for V-22 tilt rotor
Nov 21: Delivery of Last Merlin for UK MoD
Nov 19: Whirlybirds 2003
Nov 08: Osprey Reaches 100-flight hour Mark
Oct 18: MV-22 Aircraft #21 Arrives at Patuxent River
Oct 08: All 5 upgrade H-1 test aircraft flying
Oct 02: MH-60S in its first at-sea rescue by hoist
Sep 25: US Army plans to buy fewer Comanches
Sep 16: Israeli internal-rotor helicopter
Sep 13: Bell 407 Used to Re-Supply US Navy Ships at Sea
Aug 23: Portugal cancels EC 635 contract [+update]
Jul 22: Bell H-1 Program Update
Jul 22: US Army add 15 more TH-67
Jul 15: CV-22 enters Benefield Anechoic Facility
May 29: MV-22 resumes flying, all ok
May 17: First AH-64D delivered to Singapore
May 09: Last dutch Apache delivered
Apr 11: UK Lynx and Sea King blades contract
Apr 03: Apache first production ends
Mar 29: H-1 Flight Test Update
Mar 25: UK Apaches cannot fire missiles ?
Mar 23: US Coast Guard MH-68
Mar 11: Key Programs' Survival in Question
Feb 28: MV-22 resume flight testing [+ update]
Feb 14: Agusta / Bell AB139 program update
Jan 30: UK MoD Approves Future Lynx Funding
Jan 21: Super Lynx 300 for Oman

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CH-148 Cyclone Receive Award for Shipboard Tests

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