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    Andres Rangugni    (Argentina) - SAAF Oryx
    Esteban Brea    (Argentina) - Argentine Helicopters
    Hernan Longoni    (Argentina) - Argentina EAA 2010 Anual Meeting
    Martin Otero    (Argentina) - Argentine Navy Helicopters
    Horacio Claria    (Argentina) - Argentine Army Helicopters
    Stephane Demers    (Canada) - Operation Enduring Freedom 2002, Gulf of Oman
    Scott Duffus    (Canada) - Kamov Ka-32 & Sikorsky S-61
    Darrell Zinck    (Canada) - NATO SFOR in Bosnia
    Pierre Gillard    (France) - Aerospatiale Alouette and Lama
    Dimitri Sambanis    (Greece) - Hellenic Army Aviation
    Borivoj Radojcic    (Hungary) and Pawel Okulski    (Croatia) - Yugoslavian Gazelles
    Moises Cavero    (Peru) - Gas pipeline construction
    Martin Rizzoli    (Spain) - Italian Navy AB212
    Josep Tomas    (Spain) - Spain, Cuba and Farnborough
    Keith Bass    (USA) - US President helicopters VH-60N and VH-53D & Pima Air Space Museum
    John "JD" Barber    (USA) - CH-46 Sea Knight at Camp Pendleton