Wire Strike

Royal Navy in Norway

by Phil Glover

During April 1986, Royal Navy Westland Lynx ZD262 assigned to HMS Boxer a RN Type 22 Frigate was participating in NATO Exercise Bold Game 86, an annual event conducted in Norway. The exercise was designed to familiarise participant units with various tactical concepts by conducting Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) operations. (Surface Reconnaissance & Anti-FPB Strike)

Due to a hotel strike, the team had to operate initially from RDAF Aalborg in Northern Jutland, Denmark, the exercise area was located some 320 miles north in the Bergen Coastal Sea Areas. As a result long transits to and from the designated areas were necessary.

After intensive briefing and refuelling at RNAF Sola at Stavanger 376 ( ZD262 code at the time ) In a simulated attack, was attempting to engage a Type 143 FPB with Sea Skua missiles and when descending between Rong & Blomow Islands the aircraft hit 3 power cables bridging the islands. Two power cables caught above the nose cone and one locked behind the Tie Down attachments below the nose.

After breaking out the crew managed to land on a nearby granite football pitch. The aircraft was recovered by Transporter to RNAS Yeovilton, repaired and returned to service. The Aircraft had only flown 80 hours at this point since build.

Bold Game 86 NATO exercise Map showing the operation area, Denmark and Southern Norway

power lines Rong Blomow islands The power lines at Rong & Blomow Islands

Westland Lynx Norwegian Police Norwegian police arrived after ZD262 landing

wires strike hit Westland Lynx helicopter The shattered windscreen

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