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    Boeing Helicopters Part III

    January 13, 1989 : Boeing CH-47D An US Army program to modernize more than 470 Chinooks.
    A new triple-hook system allows outsized cargo to be flown with greater stability at speeds up to three times faster than prior variants.
    With a max gross weight of 22.680 kg, the center hook has a capacity of 11.974 Kg and the forward and aft hooks are rated at 7.711 Kg each.

    March 19, 1989 : Bell / Boeing 901 Osprey (V-22)

    Osprey animation
    May 31, 1990 : Boeing MH-47E The worldwide deploy ability variant of the Chinook to perform clandestine, deep-penetration missions in adverse weather day or night over any terrain.

    1993 : Boeing 414 The civilian variant of the CH-47D Chinook

    1995 : CH-47J Chinook Boeing & Kawasaki Heavy Industries co - produced the Chinook in Gifu, Japan to procure near 50 units to the Japanese Ground and Air Self-Defense forces.

    January 4, 1996 : Sikorsky/Boeing RAH-66 Comanche

    1997 : Boeing acquired Mc Donnell Douglas The AH-64 Apache is now owned by Boeing.

    September 8, 1998 : After 10 pre - production units built, the first production V-22 Osprey fuselage is shipped.

    February 19, 1999 : Boeing sold MD commercial line to RDM The dutch company buy the ex Mc Donnell Douglas models MD 500E and MD 530F single-engine helicopters with conventional tail rotors, the MD 520N and MD 600N single-engine NOTAR helicopters and the MD Explorer series of twin-engine, eight-place helicopters.

    June 22, 2002 : Four Generations, from bottom to top: the HUP, CH-21, CH-46 and CH-47:
    Boeing generations

    May 15, 2002: Boeing delivered the first remanufactured CH-47F Chinook helicopter to the U.S. Army which plans to upgrade 300 of its 432 CH-47Ds to the F-model configuration in order to keep Chinooks in the Army rotary wing fleet at least through the mid-2030s.

    June 20, 2003: Boeing delivers 300th Longbow Apache to US Army

    May 7, 2004: Boeing delivers first MH-47G Special Operations Chinook

    Dec 2, 2005: A160 Hummingbird Test flights

    March 4, 2006: USMC VMM-263 become first operational MV-22 Osprey squadron

    June 15, 2006: New-built CH-47F Chinook to US Army

    A160 Hummingbird

    July 12, 2006: Boeing Unmanned Little Bird Demonstrator first flight.

    August 9, 2006: Boeing delivers 501st AH-64D Apache Longbow to US Army

    October 9, 2006: A/MH-6X Manned/Unmanned Light Helicopter makes first flight

    November 8, 2006: CSAR-X Boeing HH-47 awarded US Air Force Combat Search and Rescue Contract

    UAV littlebird
    November 16, 2006: A160 Hummingbird UAV resumed test flight operations

    December 20, 2007: Boeing signs 10-Year Agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics

    February 11, 2008: Helicopter pioneer Frank Piasecki dies, aged 88.

        Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
        Boeing Defense & Space Group, Helicopter Division, July 1997
        Boeing Helicopters, January 1990 / March 1992
        Boeing Vertol, March 1987

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